Fergus McCaffrey Gallery Tokyo is Customs Bonded


Photo: Fergus McCaffrey and Mr. Shinobu Usami (Director of the Inspection department, Tokyo Customs)

“It is of great honor and significance that Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo has become a customs bonded art gallery in Japan. Our new customs facility will radically ease our capacity to make exhibitions of non-Japanese artists in Japan, by enabling us to defer the payment of Japan’s 10% Import Tax from the moment of arrival in Japan to the moment of sale. Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo can now operate on almost the same business terms as art galleries in Hong Kong, which is game-changing for our business in Asia. It is my hope that other overseas and Japanese galleries also acquire bonded status in Tokyo, so that we can build an even more vibrant and globalized art market in Japan.”

Fergus McCaffrey


With great pleasure, we announce that Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo was granted permission to be a customs bonded area from February 2024. We thank the customs officials for their tremendous support and are honored to be trusted with the responsibility to spearhead the undertaking of managing works of art in a bonded area that is a commercial gallery. We were given an extraordinary opportunity to make exceptional exhibitions which should inspire overseas and Japanese galleries to follow our example and nurture the relationship between Japanese museums and galleries for working together and developing new, exciting exhibition concepts while establishing closer relations within international art scene. We believe this marks a point of departure for the domestic art market in Japan and will cause big and positive changes to the gallery landscape in Japan to be an international art hub in Asia.

For more inquiries, please contact tokyo@fergusmccaffrey.com.









Anselm Kiefer: Opus Magnum

April 2 - June 29, 2024

New York

Kazuo Shiraga & Akira Kanayama:

Plus-Minus:1957 - 66

February 3 - April 20, 2024

Image 1: Installation view of Anselm Kiefer: Opus Magnum at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo, 2024

Image 2: Installation view of Kazuo Shiraga & Akira Kanayama Plus-Minus: 1957-66 at Fergus McCaffrey New York, 2024

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