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We have a world champion! A few months back, we told you about Gale Williams, the 71-year-old powerlifter in our clinic that was heading to compete on an international stage in Japan. Well, she won FIRST PLACE in the International Powerlifting Federation World Championship in the Masters Classic Division in Tokyo. Behind every success, there is a great story of perseverance and lessons along the way. In the case of Gale, there is a chiropractic story that has contributed to her achievements. I will review some of the clinical findings that led to her turn around of life-limiting pain. This pain never allowed her to exercise her upper body (and was unable to put a bar on her back for squatting etc.). Let alone lift weights to a maximum effort which is required for competitive lifting and winning. 
Clinical Case Study:

A lifetime of chronic neck and shoulder pain to a pain-free life and a USAPL Powerlifting World Championship.

When Gale was a young girl, age 8 through age 14, she had life-debilitating migraines. Her parents tried every traditional medical opportunity locally and nationally, that they knew of, to help Gale overcome her migraines with no success. At age 14 Gale was was having a debilitating migraine, and one of her parent’s friends mentioned: "have you ever seen a chiropractor?" Almost immediately, they were off to see a local chiropractor. Two adjustments later Gale is ecstatic to tell people to this day her migraines were gone and have never returned to this day (50+ years later).

Thankful the migraines were GONE Gale's next limiting step in life was chronic neck and shoulder pain. As a young lady she tried to play sports and exercise but her neck and shoulder pain would make it impossible. Gale is a believer in chiropractic since the first adjustments relieved her debilitating migraines. Regular adjustments managed neck and shoulder pain, but anytime she would try to work out with weights or perform athletic activity, the pain was excruciating.

Since graduating college, Gale is an accountant. At certain times of the year the excessive sitting and long work weeks would flare up her pain, significantly. The pain also manifested if trying any upper body workouts as well as squatting or deadlifting and any variation. Advice from all chiropractors was to stop any exercise or lifting weights since that created her symptoms. Gale, therefore, became a runner to get her exercise fix and maintained regular adjustments. 

Gale is an incredibly driven female. She achieved a high level of success in the business world as an accountant that few have ever done. She has never let any other limitation stop her in her life. At age 69, Gale was determined to fulfill her passion for lifting weights and overcome her one limitation. Injections, increased regular adjustments, physical therapy, soft tissue specialists still led to intense stabbing pain that had immobilized her arm to her side for weeks at a time. One day a mutual friend brought her into my office with her arm pinned to her side, as if she was wearing a cast, in pain. 
First, I took a complete history and was a good listener. There is no reason for me to reinvent the wheel and recommend what has not worked in the past. Standard to all new patients in my clinic I order an essential fatty acid ratio lab test to measure inflammation. The AA : EPA ratio came back at 17.2. Ideal normal is 1.5. Her Vitamin D was 37 ng/ml and my clinic baseline is 65 ng/ml. Supplementation was provided for correction and to maintain proper values for life.

On first visit I take x-rays that are not symptom-based but system based. Two x-rays of the cervical/upper body and two x-rays of the lower body/pelvis. Upon looking at her x-rays, there was structural asymmetry, but her degeneration was not to the point I would be concerned with her lifting weights.

I then began my strength and range of motion exam called Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)®. A toes to nose 3D Brain/Body Map™ evaluation (again not just symptomatic based). No matter the symptom, F.I.T.® involves examining and scoring "keystones" of the body. Once I am done with testing the keystones (of the brain, neck, shoulder, low back, pelvis, sacrum, and extremities) I will cross-reference (known as two pointing by my muscle testers) of how each area can be involved with the symptom. The connections are generally very obvious to the patient.

Gale's myotome tests of the shoulder displayed weakness and created pain. Many tests were unable to perform because her symptomatic arm was unable to be elevated from the side. She held her arm as if wearing a cast. I could do tricep, teres minor and C8. When I asked Gale to move her shoulder upon her own action, it created stabbing pain that would cause her to guard her whole body and cringe. I proceeded to progress through the 3D Brain/Body Map™ Evaluation (F.I.T®) which involves neurological, structural and soft tissue asymmetry of every major axis. The findings are then referenced to normal vs. abnormal score, x-rays and specific chiropractic findings.

X-ray revealed a slight anatomical short leg, severe scapula misalignment and more. When I temporarily corrected the anatomical short leg using a shim, Gale noticed approximately a 20% decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion. She was surprised how that could have any effect on her shoulder, but it did. When I placed a Serola sacro-iliac belt on Gale, she experienced a 90% increase in range of motion and a similar decrease in pain. Her expression was as if she saw a ghost; speechless, jaw dropped, aw struck, and eyes wide open perplexed. I took the belt off, and immediately, her symptoms returned to stabbing and her shoulder immobilized. Her grimacing pain expression returned. I repeated the difference in results that the sacro-iliac belt created a couple of times. Belt on and immediately belt off, to show Gale it is not a magic trick but an indicator that would help me correct her issue that has been overlooked for decades. Gale and I knew her pelvis was involved with her shoulder symptom. I explained how I was going to create a Brain/Body FIT™ program to help her shoulder by including the effect I had identified by her sacral-pelvic injury. Percussion on trigger points, Erchonia laser therapy to heal the chronic connective tissue injury of the pelvis and to help the inflammation out of her symptomatic shoulder faster. I created a specific clinical exercise program to help correct her long term chiropractic imbalances and prepare her for competitive lifting and of course ninja specific chiropractic adjustments for Gale's current needs.

On the day of her exam we signed up for a powerlifting meet she wanted to compete in which was in seven weeks. Two weeks later she was 100% pain free, trained properly with elite supervision and had a successful powerlifting meet (she won!) completely pain free.

Gale is nearly 72 years old now and has competed numerous times each year. She owns all of the Georgia state powerlifting records from age 55 - 75. Yes, she is so strong she has out lifted every 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 and 70-75 year old female in the history of Georgia at age 71. That is 20 state records currently, and she has broken each of them three times. She has won USA nationals and this year a world championship in Tokyo. Gale is published locally and nationally on accomplishments and is an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. She encourages everyone to "Realize Your Potential," and that starts with getting the proper exam and an integrated program of correction.  
I will be teaching a detailed introduction to my 3D Brain/Body Mapping™ Examination and Corrective system I used on Gale and all my patients. The seminar is titled: "PUMPED, Enhance Your Structural & Functional Examination Skills."
This will be the final time this year the PUMPED seminar will be taught. I am excited for you to attend and learn how this exam and treatment applies to every age and level of physical capacity. But there are no boundaries to the results and success that can be achieved. Gale and many others are proof of that.  
Jerome Rerucha DC | | E-mail