Simplify Your Social Media Marketing & Patient Education With Our New
Digital Marketing Slides
Customized With Your Practice Information
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Dear Fellow Practitioner

Ok, be honest. Who has time to create effective marketing and patient education materials? Not to mention the skills it takes to design and layout beautiful, eye-catching graphics. You have a practice to run! You shouldn't be wasting your time noodling around in Photoshop!

Never fear! I'm here to help. I am happy to announce the launch of my newest product line - Digital Marketing Slides! These gorgeous slides are customized with your practice information, and can be used in:

  • Social Media Marketing: Easily and quickly post to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and more!
  • Patient Education: Print and hand out to your patients, or send them the information in email.
  • Email Marketing: Easily include in your email marketing campaigns.
  • Presentations: Customized slides can be rearranged in any order and used as a standalone slideshow, or individual slides can be integrated into an existing presentation.
  • Your Office Decor: Print and frame these beautiful slides to enhance your office walls.
  • Waiting Room: Run as a looping presentation in your waiting room to entertain and educate your patients.

Each slide set is unique and includes:
  • Low Level Laser Therapy Education
  • Chiropractic Adjustment Benefits
  • Nutrition & Supplement Health Advantages
  • Call To Action For Commitment Of Care 

Slides are available in the following sets:
  • Low Back & Laser - 150+ Slides
  • Chiropractic & Heart Health - 100+ Slides
  • Chiropractic & Immunity - 120+ Slides
  • Cervical & Whiplash - 150+ Slides
  • Complete Bundle - 530+ Slides (All of Above) - Save $500
  • Super Bundle - 530+ Slides Plus LLLT Patient Education & Waiting Room Videos - Save $650

Purchase these beautiful slides today at

Dr. Jerome
Check Out This Video Showing How Easy It Is To Schedule Social Media Posts Using These Digital Marketing Slides.
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