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Christmas is only days away! Does this trigger elevated stress levels for you or your patients? It does for most and I don’t have to tell you as an educated professional, how the sympathetic nervous system suppresses the immune system, suppresses cellular healing, increases free radicals (cell damage) and decreases every long term health-promoting process in the body.

So, I offer you some quick clinical solutions for yours and your patient’s busy holiday season.

Remember the basics of drinking enough water, limiting sugar and alcohol as best as you can, SLEEP, and use your laser! 

Yes, there are settings for stress (see below). You may also laser the gut/brain connection while performing long, slow, relaxing breaths and thinking of all the things you are grateful for while performing your laser recharge. 

Merry Christmas!
Dr. Jerome & Jennette Rerucha
A-Z Laser Protocol Manuals
Laser Protocols for Stress
From Dr. Jerome Rerucha's A-Z Laser Protocol Manuals
Stress/Parasympathetic Facilitation


A1:   9 Hz
A2:   21 Hz
B1:   5000 Hz
B2:   10,000 Hz


A1:   9 Hz
A2:   21 Hz
B1:   5000 Hz
B2:   10,000 Hz

3 - 10 minutes

9 Hz                   21 Hz
764 Hz                5000 Hz
3 Hz                   8 Hz

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