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Dear Jerome Rerucha,


We all know intuitively that the food we eat affects our shape, our health, and our performance. But here is the problem; nutrition seems confusing. Every day there is a new quick-fix fad diet, but nothing produces sustainable results. Nutrition really shouldn't be this complicated. There must be a solution that helps your clients know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

Introducing Brain/Body FIT Clinical Nutrition Solutions, a complete system offering examination, patient education, and correction. We automate and simplify your nutrition business by combining technology, science, and certified professional coaching. Do more in less time, getter better results, and grow your business.

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Included in this system are the InBody 570 medical-grade scanner, a state-of-the-art phone app for your clients to track their food and water, and the professional coaching portal. The Inbody 570 scan, and information collected from the phone app, automatically load into the professional coaching portal, giving the certified doctor or coach the most efficient way to manage their client's health and success.

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Brain/Body FIT Clinical Nutrition Solutions is a proven method for transforming lives through personalized nutrition. Designed by dietitians, experts within the strength and fitness industry, and advanced practicing clinicians, it has been tested over 10 years by thousands of ordinary people. Your clients will Eat Better, Look Better, and Feel Better.

Dr. Jerome

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Watch these comprehensive videos which will show you how this amazing system can transform your practice and your patients' lives.

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