Lots of people think that any indecision, uncertainty or wandering is all bad. But that isn’t true. The human mind sometimes arrives at startling realizations or critical intuitions only after several detours, some soul-searching or a change of heart “in the nick of time.” I hope this month’s newsletter arms you with the willingness to let yourself change your mind or change course when the data indicates you should or when your heart tells you it’s the truer way forward. Onward . . . 

The Power to Decide on A Different Direction — Even at the “Last” Minute

It isn’t weakness when a leader decides to take a different path than one he or she has planned; it’s strength. Admitting that a new direction is called for, even when lots of work has been expended on the original plan, might be painful, but it’s ultimately a path to power.

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Feeling Lost is the Beginning of Finding Yourself

Almost all of us live at some distance from the painful truths about our lives, sometimes going to great lengths to continue avoiding them.

Dig deeply enough to find the roots of what is limiting you, and you will have done the lion’s share of ridding yourself of those limitations.

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“The way forward can include unexpected detours, retracing steps or skipping some. When mapping out your life, be bold in your plans and bolder still in your willingness to alter them, when your heart or head tells you to. The human mind is like a divining rod, not a bullet." -Dr. Keith Ablow
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