Today literally 3,000 lives were saved following Hurricane Eta’s devastation in Chajmaic. Over the course of five days, 30 people generously donated nearly $3,700. These funds went directly for food to the people of Chajmaic

Look how the communities of Chajmaic, Antigua, and across the U.S. have come together.
We are grateful for your joining us in providing help for this remote village.

On Thursday, November 12th, you and Sowing Opportunities did what had never been done for the village of Chajmaic: the entire village received aid.  
Really, a series of amazing miracles achieved this. 

Initially, our village representatives had planned to make tortillas for 3,000 people, and recruit 30-40 women to help with this task, but it felt overwhelming in the midst of personal turmoil. After much discussion and consideration of multiple options, we came up with Plan B of delivering bags of food.

Based on market rate, we thought we could only provide 5 lbs. of corn plus a small amount of salt and oil for each person. But, our key contact in Guatemala, Ricardo San José, was miraculously able to secure the following for every single person in the village – all 3,000 people:

Each of the 250 families received:
1 bottle of oil
1 bag of salt
25 lbs. corn
5 lbs. of beans
2 packages of Incaparina
Ricardo’s message: “Thank you so much. No one has ever helped this village. You are sent by God.”

What we achieved with this budget is amazing. But we need to keep going. On Monday, November 16, Hurricane Iota is scheduled to hit Guatemala and the country is expecting at least another 6-10” of rainfall, potentially worsening flooding and bringing new flood threats to areas already affected by Hurricane Eta.

Right now, flooded houses – representing 60% of the village – are those which are most at risk. At this point, the water has not receded. There is nowhere for it to go. The land cannot absorb any more. Take a look at this video of flooded houses and streets that have become rivers.

This means that many of the people aren’t back in their homes. Some are sheltering with family or friends on higher ground, in the hills of Chajmaic. Most don’t want to leave their village.
Worldwide, the pandemic has exacerbated hunger.  Flooding from Hurricane Eta has made the situation much worse. And, the Guatemalan Ministry of Health is slow to report all deaths due to malnutrition. Only 75 cases have been reviewed this year. (El Periódico, Nov. 13, 2020) But we know that it’s much worse.

Take a look at the dramatic and direct result of the efforts of those who donated:
Unloading the truck: Literally, tons of corn and beans were delivered to the village by our key contacts there, Lety and Wendy Gómez.  
Unloading the truck Lety, Alfonso and crew, working through the night, measuring and weighing food for each bag. This is part of the 250 bags of 25 lbs. of corn, along with other items.
The bags were ready for distribution
Group after group stand with a sign that says "Thank you so much to the NGO Sowing Opportunities, for the food that you've sent in this national crisis. May God bless you."
The people ready to receive their groceries
Lety, taking a pause from this immense work
The people of the village came together in an incredible community effort to aid Lety, Alfonso and Wendy to receive, package and deliver the food to all 3,000 people.

We know that many of you have already given, and very generously. 
So, we ask for something else:
Would each of you forward this email or send this link ,, to one or more other people in your network?

We would like to broaden our circle, reach more people, and connect with foundations, to further our mission of true sustainability by building a greenhouse so the people can manage and sustain themselves.

Thank you for being a part of this effort. Donations can be made at . You can contact us at .

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your caring, your generosity and your prayers.

Fern and Ginny

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