Dear OCSA Parents/Guardians,

As we shared a couple of weeks ago, OCSA is excited to be partnering with Challenge Success, a nonprofit program originating from the Stanford Graduate School of Education that responds to the societal pressure for “success,” defined by a narrow, linear path that all students must follow. Challenge Success works with schools, families, and communities to embrace a broader definition of success and to implement research-based strategies that promote student well-being, equity, engagement, and true learning.

Over the course of the 2022-2023 school year, OCSA will work with Challenge Success team members to analyze some of our school systems; survey middle and high school students, parents, and faculty/staff; provide parent education; and explore changes that might help to bring balance and deeper fulfillment to the student experience.

The first step in this process is to administer the Stanford Survey of Adolescent School Experiences to our school community. Students, faculty, and staff will be completing this survey on campus; however, insight from our parent community is also highly important and we ask that our OCSA parents/guardians complete the Challenge Success Parent Survey between today, Monday, October 3, and Friday, October 14.


This anonymous, online survey measures perspectives on homework, extracurricular activities, sleep, physical health, stress, parent expectations, academic engagement, academic integrity, and teacher support. Over 300,000 students from more than 300 schools have taken the survey over the past several years, and administrators have learned a lot about what students view as stressful and challenging and what they view as supportive and encouraging within their schools. Survey results have also guided schools in their efforts to make changes in areas requiring improvement. The survey will help OCSA’s Challenge Success Task Force identify areas of focus to better support our students’ well-being and overall school experience.

Our Challenge Success Task Force, consisting of the members listed below, will continue to communicate information about Challenge Success and our partnership as this process unfolds.

OCSA Challenge Success Task Force

Kimberly Barraza Lyons, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Becca Freeland, Assistant Principal of Student Services

Ally Bushman, Arts & Enterprise Conservatory Director and OCSA Parent

Lauren Reynolds, Behavior Intervention Specialist

Ashley Talbert, School Counselor

Anton Striegl, Social Science Teacher

Kelly Fox, OCSA Parent

David Lyons (MT, ‘25)

Hannah Osier (IA, ‘24)

Aurelia Philmore (BR, ‘24)

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback!

With excitement and gratitude, 

OCSA Administration

Michael Ciecek, Principal

Kimberly Barraza Lyons, Ph.D., Assistant Principal of Instruction

Becca Freeland, Assistant Principal of Student Services

Maria Lazarova, D.M.A., Assistant Principal of Arts

Leon Metoyer, Assistant Principal of Special Services

William Wallace, Ed.D., Assistant Principal of Facilities & Supervision

Shelley Stanphill, Learning Specialist

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