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Welcome to Carpe Datum’s weekly newsletter, the Federal Data Prospector, the only publication of its kind dedicated exclusively to data and analytics companies that share our passion for serving the public sector. Our featured items begin with a request from the IRS for international corporate registry data that can help the agency understand complex ownership structures, improve transfer pricing assessments, and support other tax-related analyses and decision-making processes.


  • Department of Justice (DoJ), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) — Corporate Registry Data to Support IRS Analytics - The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires access to standardized, consistent electronic international data research services for all employees in both bulk and web-based access. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires third-party, bulk corporate registry data to improve tax administration and enforcement. These data will be blended with IRS tax return data to fill data gaps and enable new analytical efforts related to large corporations, foreign entities, and transfer pricing.


In other data news, on May 29th , Carnegie Endowment for International Peace published an article entitled The Promises and Perils for Sustainability in the U.S. Military’s Adoption of AI. In this story, Daniel Nasaw describes the U.S. national security establishment's strugges with the potential environmental consequences of its extensive adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI integration promises to bolster military capabilities, it also poses significant energy demands, prompting concerns about its contribution to carbon emissions.


  • The Pentagon is already among the top users of computing power within the federal government, and researchers estimate intelligence agencies could soon use as much data as tech giants such as Amazon and Meta. However, the U.S. national security community has the opportunity to bend the emissions growth curve. To do so, the U.S. government must make sustainability in computing a policy priority by funding research, using the power of its purse to encourage responsible change in the private sector, and encouraging a robust public debate about the trade-offs between achieving AI supremacy and curbing global warming.”


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The Carpe Datum Team

Criminal Record Checks

Dept. of State

The U.S. Embassy London has a requirement for enhanced vetting procedures requiring criminal record checks to be carried out in order to satisfy Diplomatic Security vetting requirements in the United Kingdom and intends to award Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) to one or more responsible vendors.

Market Risk Assessment Tool

Dept. of Commerce

This is a sources sought notice to identify market risk assessment tool that have the capabilities of providing resource for comprehensive data, research and insights spanning the global capital markets to help the customer work smarter with advanced searches, discovery and insights, constant technology sector and company monitoring for venture capital awards, for company profiles and workflow and efficiency enabling the Government to make strategic decisions, get answers fast, and obtain insight to company (both private and public) profiles.

Data Aggregation and Analytics (DA2)

Dept. of Defense

OSI requires an interactive, web-based service that provides users real-time link analyses of extensive business linkages globally related to government contracting. This information is needed for the law enforcement mission of OSI.

CENTCOM Computer Vision Defense Commercial Solutions Opening

Dept. of Defense

The Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) is seeking demonstrations for commercial platforms to enable DoD personnel to rapidly create and maintain computer vision (CV) capabilities. Intended applications include automated detection and identification of features in imagery and video collected by spaceborne, airborne, and land/sea-based sensors.

Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace

Dept. of Defense

Open call revision #6 published.

SEQUOIA (Formerly known as AI/ML Data Labeling)

Dept. of Defense

Response to questions.

CBP's Industry Partnership and Outreach Program Office FY24 Industry Day for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dept. of Homeland Security

Slides published from the AI Industry Day.

Artificial Intelligence Pilot Teams (VA-24-00064764)

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Response date extended to June 7, 2024.

Kagan Data Subscription

Federal Communications Commission

The FCC requires a data retrieval subscription to populate the FCC’s ECD database, that covers a wide range of statistical media and telecommunications industry data.

Dedrone Senor Augmentation Credit and Data Portal Access

Dept. of Justice

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) intends to negotiate on a sole source basis with Dedrone Defense Inc. for the acquisition of Dedrone Senor Augmentation Credit and Data Portal Access.

Purchase of data from Emory University’s America’s Men’s Internet Survey (AMIS)

Dept. of Health and Human Services

CDC’s primary objective is to purchase the full American Men‘s Internet Survey (AMIS) 2023 cycle dataset which consists of 5,000 observations from across the United States and its territories which will be provided to the Behavioral Science and Epidemiology Branch (CDC/NCHHSTP/DSTDP/BSEB). This data will include sexual and other risk behaviors at the granular level needed for analyses that will provide results that inform prevention program planning and implementation.

CPO Soil Moisture Enhancement

Dept. of Commerce

Dr. Steven Quiring’s team at the Ohio State University has developed a first-in-kind integrated mapping product that showcases in situ soil moisture information from multiple mesonets at, including ingestion, harmonization, interpolation and gridding, and other analytic features, and further blends this in-situ observational data with satellite and model-derived soil moisture estimates.

Palantir Selected by Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) to Participate in Scaling Data Analytics and AI Capabilities Across the Department of Defense in Support of CJADC2 Strategy

Dept. of Defense

“These awards represent a vital step in warfighter adoption of AI, moving cutting-edge technology from experiment to enterprise production,” said Shannon Clark, Head of Defense Growth, Palantir. “We are proud to support the CDAO, enabling commanders to make better, faster decisions across all domains at unprecedented scale.”

D--SAP - One (1) year Wards Intelligence Subscription

Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency is awarding a contract to Informa Business Media Inc. for a Wards Intelligence Subscription.

BlackSky Wins $7 Million Dynamic Space-Based Imagery and Analytics Services Contract Renewal with Legacy International Government Customer

Government Agency

“With disruptive speed and economics BlackSky is delivering unparalleled value to multiple international ministries of defense with automated real-time high-frequency, low-latency imagery and analytics products,” said Brian E. O’Toole, BlackSky CEO. “Our software-first approach enables immediate and scalable access to commercially available AI-assisted tasking-to-delivery systems that ensure mission-critical intelligence arrives in-hand to operators and analysts in a matter of minutes.”

Kentucky picks Deloitte for new unemployment system

State of Kentucky

“This new system will help us better meet the needs of Kentuckians by improving accessibility and claims processing times, as well as safeguarding against potential unemployment insurance fraud,” Gov. Andy Beshear told the AP. 

State’s OSINT strategy aims to serve diplomats’ demand for unclassified assessments

Brett Holmgren, Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, said the strategy is driven by the need to “harness” a growing body of commercially and publicly available information about world events. And it’s also intended to meet the demand inside the State Department for more unclassified assessments that can be accessed securely by diplomats anywhere in the world, Holmgren added.

Online health services, apps to face new data security rule enforcement in July

Digital health services like websites, mobile apps or internet-connected devices that track health conditions and store sensitive personal health information will be required to notify their users of data breaches under new enforcement rules set to take effect later this summer.

Insider Q&A: CIA's chief technologist's cautious embrace of generative AI

CIA Director William Burns says AI tech will augment humans, not replace them. The agency’s first chief technology officer, Nand Mulchandani, is marshaling the tools. There’s considerable urgency: Adversaries are already spreading AI-generated deepfakes aimed at undermining U.S. interests.

CDAO Announces New Approach to Scaling Data

Today the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) announced a new approach to scaling data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities called Open DAGIR, which stands for the Open Data and Applications Government-owned Interoperable Repositories. Open DAGIR will be a multi-vendor ecosystem with supporting business models that enables industry and government to integrate data platforms, development tools, services, and applications in a way that preserves government data ownership and industry intellectual property.

How Russia-, China-linked actors use OpenAI for disinformation

A new report from AI company OpenAI reveals that actors based in Russia and China have used generative artificial intelligence to bulk up their disinformation operations around topics like Ukraine, Taiwan, Moldova, and the United States. The report details five separate information operations over the last three months that used OpenAI tools to improve their effectiveness or reach. Together, they provide a window into how adversaries can use advanced AI tools to affect perceptions of geopolitical events.

Improving citizen experience with proper data management

As federal agencies look to leverage data to inform policies, decisions and programs, they are under-valuing data hygiene, failing to recognize the benefits of processes including lineage and testing protocols. If done incorrectly, the government will fail to meet crucial citizen needs. 

A Congresswoman gave Equifax data breach lawsuits a gift

This week, the CEOs of the three main credit bureaus, Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, went in front of Congress to talk about America’s broken credit reporting system, in which one in five people have an error on their credit reports, according to the FTC. The forum proved an opportunity for Equifax’s new CEO, Mark Begor, to highlight the company’s efforts to invest in security after the security breach.

Half of public thinks generative AI 'important' for improving government services

The 2024 annual survey by KPMG found that the public's attitudes about generative AI use in government varies by location and age group.

Google's AI web searches are spewing garbage. Unfortunately, CEO Pichai has no solution

“Barack Obama is the first Muslim President (of the US).” “Eat at least one small rock a day.” — false, hallucinated statements like these are turning out to be a disaster for Google and its AI prowess and CEO Sundar Pichai. Google’s AI-powered search feature, which was designed to provide users with quick and concise answers to their queries, is facing criticism for delivering inaccurate information on a frequent basis.

A sneak peek at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024: Reframing the future of data platforms

Our premise is that open storage formats, a shift toward data catalogs governing and defining data, and the AI awakening will challenge Snowflake’s ability to extend its value proposition, create novel moats and compete in new markets. Although Snowflake has historically thrived against hyperscale competition with a superior value story in a market it created, the redefinition of the modern data platform puts it in a more challenging position. We believe the outcome will depend on how well it integrates generative AI into its products and how quickly it can innovate relative to competitors.

Clarivate Expands Real-World Data Offering with Addition of Social Determinant of Health (SDoH) Attributes from HealthWise Data

Clarivate Plc (NYSE:CLVT), a leading global provider of transformative intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership with HealthWise Data, a leading healthcare data and analytics firm bridging the gap between clinical outcomes and Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) domains. The collaboration integrates SDoH attributes into the Clarivate Real-World Data repository, offering comprehensive patient insights and enabling life science, healthcare and research professionals to enhance patient outcomes and healthcare equity.

Oscilar and Regtech Socure to Enhance Identity Verification and Risk Management for Financial Institutions

This collaboration combines Oscilar’s advanced risk management platform with Socure’s identity verification solutions, “offering an unparalleled approach to fraud prevention, compliance, and customer onboarding.” The partnership aims to “address the growing need for financial institutions to enhance their risk management capabilities while providing a seamless and secure customer experience.”

DHS-FEMA Risk Analysis, Planning & Information Directorate (RAPID) - Risk MAP Information Technology Operations & Maintenance Support Industry Day

This industry day is a one day virtual event scheduled, Wednesday, June 05, 2024, from 1:00pm – 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). Attendees will hear briefings on Risk Analysis, Planning & Information Directorate (RAPID) and Risk MAP Information Technology Operations & Maintenance Support capabilities, and get information about upcoming procurement opportunities.

AWS Summit 2024

Join us at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC on June 26-27, 2024. This no cost event is tailored for the public sector community. Attendees will engage in interactive learning, network among public sector industry leaders and AWS experts, engage with partners driving innovation, and so much more.

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