spaceSell space on your email ticket for extra $$$

More and more, people are using the email receipt as the ticket itself because email companies can often mistake a PDF ticket for a virus or other harmful transmission.

Are you going to let all that nice blank space in the email go to waste?

As you can see in the email receipt I received after buying some tickets, The Catalyst, a local venue, added a list of upcoming shows so I could buy tickets for more events.

They also sold ad space to Pandora.

Do you want to attract more sponsors? What a great place to feature them!

Contact or call 831-920-1254 to learn how!

askAsk us if Wintix & Webtix can do what you need

Help is only a phone call or email away. Wintix/Webtix are powerful, flexible tools but you may not know they can do what you need unless you ask us.

Did you know you can perform all your accounting functions in Wintix? Did you know you can run many valuable reports that give you crucial information for accounting, patron development, marketing, programming and more?

Do you know the Help Desk contains hundreds of posts that address virtually any scenario?

Call us at 831-920-1254 (support) or 831-583-0641 (main office).

Let's talk about what you need and want to do in Wintix.
Webtix Admin is a portable box office you may not even know you have

  • Got a promoter who wants to run their own reports? 
  • Need to quickly see how many seats are left to sell at a remote event
  • Working from home because you don't want to pass your sniffles on to your co-workers but still need to work in Wintix from bed?
You can do all these things and more if you have Webtix through the Webtix admin page!

Didn't know you had such a thing? Click here to learn how to find yours.

Want to learn about adding and editing shows, reporting and all the other cool things you can do from Webtix admin? Click here.
oui"Mais oui" build your new seating plans or edit your existing ones,
"s'il vous plait?"

Oh la la! You  could make a fancy French eclair yourself. But you also know it's a lot of work that has to be done very precisely or it won't work.  That's why most of the time you get them from a professional baker.

The same is true with Wintix seating plans. We build and edit them all the time, so let us use our expertise to create a sweetly perfect and accurate seating plan for a very affordable fee. We can create online graphics and multi-charts, too.

Contact Diane 831-583-0641 or for more details.

netWhy net neutrality matters for arts organizations

Net neutrality ended in late November 2017 when the FCC re-wrote the rules governing Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This decision went against the wants, needs and opinions of both technology companies like Google and Netflix, small businesses and 83% of the American public.   If you missed the news about the change due to end of year fundraising click on the link below to keep reading about what the change means for your organization and how to influence lawmakers to reverse the decision. 

The new law is being implemented right now.

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