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February 2014
thanksA small thank you makes a big impression 
Last month we asked if and how you used the "First Timers Report"
in Wintix. Because Wintix has such a wide variety of reporting features, it wasn't surprising that some users weren't aware of it or how to use it. 
For a good example of how valuable this report can be, Heather Hollis of Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra says she uses it "per show. I add it to an Excel sheet to record how many new people come, then email them to thank them for coming."

Small personal touches like that make a big impression - and make it more likely your first timers will come back for more! 
authnetWintix Credit Card Log can help reconcile transactions 
Wintix has a valuable report to help reconcile credit card transactions. Click here to learn more.
captchaHow to enable a CAPTCHA for Webtix sales using 

CAPTCHAs are used to prevent bots from using various types of computing services or collecting certain types of sensitive information, such as email addresses. If you are using Webtix for online sales and as your internet payment gateway, you can require customers to fill out a CAPTCHA, if that is a concern. Click here to learn how.
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helpdesksCenter Stage Software's Help Desk
has a new address!

The Help Desk knowledge base and blog has been moved from to
Please note and bookmark the new URL. Your service contract allows you access to this valuable tool to get help and advice every day about Wintix and Webtix.
reportbyclerkUse the "Report by Clerk" for daily accountability
Here is the second installment of a series of articles about the powerful reporting features of Wintix.

The Report by clerk will help you:
  • Catch accounting discrepancies each day
  • Keep box office staff accountable and detail-oriented
  • See how much you are selling online with Webtix  

Not keeping accurate daily records can create major headaches if reconciliation is not done on a daily basis. The Report by clerk is a valuable tool to help you do that.


Click here to read more about how to use it.

sherlockSherlock says it's elementary to do a little detective work when equipment dies
A customer said he couldn't print tickets and was thinking about buying a new printer from us, but a little sleuthing on his part revealed a culprit that didn't have anything to do with the printer or any software problem.

The diabolical deed was caused by someone's snow boots that had been placed on the cable. They leaked salt residue, which corroded the connection. He found it by actually taking the connection apart.

Funny story but with a serious lesson. Many things can affect the performance of your box office computer equipment, but in today's challenging economy, it's important to do a little detective work to determine if something is fixable before incurring a possibly unnecessary expenditure.

We're here to help!

Give us a call when you're having problems with your Wintix software or computer equipment - that's one of the advantages of having a service agreement. It could be your computer has lost its connection to the server or - in the case of another one of our customers - the printer cable could be too long and nothing but gobbledegook gets printed on the tickets.

We're happy to sell you new equipment if you need it, but let's see if you really do. It's elementary.