Hello friends,

We are a little late getting out this month’s newsletter. It’s been a busy February. Hopefully it finds you well! I wanted to share a quick story of an idea I had recently. My husband and I get along great… but somehow, somewhere along the line we started this bad habit of trying to “one-up” each other. We are both extremely busy and have two little kids. One of us would say “well I’m so busy or tired or whatever because I did this today” and then the other one will counter with… “oh yeah well I did ….” You see where this is going. So a couple of weeks ago I had an epiphany. I told him that our problem was we both felt like we did everything and neither one of us felt appreciated. 

So we agreed instead of trying to outdo the other one with who’s life is harder each day we say “thank you” for one thing. It may be as simple as thank you for picking the kids up today, or thank you for making dinner. Just anything to acknowledge the efforts of the other person. And so far it seems to be working. All of those small ‘thank yous’ will add up over time.  

Now you may be thinking well I’m not married, or I live alone or whatever. But I think that this idea could work with anyone! Whether you have a significant other you live with or even if you live solo. Thank yourself. Once a day say “thank you self for getting out of bed today”. Whatever you feel like you did that day that was worthwhile. No matter how small. Sometimes we get so caught up in the cycle of thinking we can’t get it all done or there is never enough time. But if we take time to appreciate what we did do that will make us feel better and overall more productive in whatever you want in life. At least that’s what I’m hoping will happen. Please feel free to use this idea and let me know if it helps! 

Wishing you a wonderful spring. 

April Grace
Director of Communications, Raymon Grace Foundation 
Howdy Folks
Since you signed up for this newsletter, as well as some of you writing to ask a lot of questions, it indicates you want to know what I think. It also indicates you want to improve your life. Have often wondered how this came to be~~but THANKFUL for it.
For 35 years I was a bricklayer and construction foreman building shopping centers. It was an honest way to make a living but the world was no better because I helped build shopping centers. It was just paving over enough land for a small farm and building a building for people to go spend their money that probably could have been better spent on something else.
Having barely graduated high school and no experience beyond construction work, I pondered what I could possibly do to make a positive shift in the world?
Around that time, I read that only 2% of the water on this planet was fit to drink. April was three years old at the time and I wondered if she and her kids and descendants would have decent water? 
I decided to see if there was a way to clean up drinking water. Had NO clue as to where to start, but started with picking up trash from the river that flows through our place. My first attempt was to pick up 13 truckloads of river trash and haul it to the dump. That was a start.
Quite a bit later, we started a river cleanup with a local college. 
Learned to energize one small glass of water, then a swimming pool, then water flowing from the kitchen faucet.
As of this writing, have cleaned up a small amount of water for a few people on 6 continents. Have a DVD to show people how to do it. It's named ‘Energize Water.’
My friend Sue, used my recording to clean up a lake that provided water for an entire town. After telling this story on a radio show, someone sent a newspaper article verifying the cleanup~~but the news editor had no idea of how it was done.
As most of you know, my friend Jeff Jones decided he could put all his vitamins and minerals in a glass of water and have no need for food. That was 23 years ago. He not only did it, he gained weight.
It's a good time to say. 'For those who say 'it can’t be done'~~~ please be polite and do not disturb those who are doing it.'
For those of you on my Energy Clearing list, I work on your drinking water every morning and several of you have noticed an improvement. Wish the rest of you would notice it.
 People ask, ‘How did you know you could do that?’ ~~ I didn’t. But also didn't know I couldn’t.
Here are some suggestion for adding purpose to your life.

SET A GOAL ~~~ My first attempt was to pick up river trash and clean up the beach when on vacation. 

DO SOMETHING~~ Even if it's only having an INTENT to add purpose to your life. INTENT will give you ideas.


DO OR SAY SOMETHING TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES.~~~ Picking up other people helps us feel good about ourselves. 

FEEL CONFIDENT GOING AGAINST THE TIDE OF PUBLIC OPINION~~~ For centuries most people knew it was impossible for man to fly. Have read there were some exceptions, and using various methods, they wound up dead at the bottom of the cliff. Overall, it was reasonable judgment that man could not fly~~~ but a couple of fellows with a bicycle shop in North Carolina decided to try ~~and they WON.
In closing, would like to quote Henry Ford. “ Whether you think you can or think you can’t~~~YOU ARE RIGHT."

With technology changing,we have to be somewhat adaptable to our customers.
We are phasing out the physical DVDs so if you want them, you need to get them soon, 
For questions or comments please send your emails to me, rather than to April. raymon@raymongrace.us
Comments from Friends Around the World

"I would not drink my tap water unless filtered, now I can drink it, it's like spring water no chlorine smell or taste.
I feel a lot lighter and awake from your energy clearing I'm so greatful thank you.
So looking forward to your video's "
Jodie - From Western Australia

"Hi Raymon
I have a filter on my hot water tap and only use the cold water for showers, dishes and clothes. The cold water always smells and the taste makes it undrinkable. Tonight is the first time in over 6 years that this water not only tasted clean but there was no smell. Thank you. "

Donna from Australia
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