February Newsletter
Non-Profit Community Impact Program
Success Story
Sam began our ABA clinical services in December. As we have been getting to know Sam, we have noticed a variety of behaviors that seem rooted in fear (refusal to be in rooms without windows, refusal to cross certain door jambs, need for doors in the room to remain closed, to name a few).

"While we know Sam loves to be outside, there has been one central obstacle over the last few weeks: crossing the door from the clinic to the educational side. This past week, when Sam came in, I saw our whole team come together to reassure Sam and figure out ways to ensure his feeling of safety while gently encouraging him. We have allowed him to use the key fab to open the door, and even put him on a staff's lap on a scooter to scoot him through. The first day, it took over ten minutes for him to feel comfortable transitioning through the door. Within a few short trials, with the trust of his therapist leading the way, Sam was able to pass through the door in only 45 seconds. He now smiles and confidently holds his therapist's hand as he walks through the door." Alana, ABA Director.

We are thankful to have a staff committed to practicing trauma-informed care and always honoring the client's human experience and emotions!
PIL Professional Tip of the Month
Tips on parenting a child with ADHD, from our Family Support Director, Cassie Karriker
When Parenting a child with ADHD, be sure to create a schedule and stick to it: Children with ADHD thrive on routine. Make a visual schedule for daily tasks like morning routine, meal times, study time, and bedtime. Use timers and alarms to help them stay on track. Break down tasks into smaller steps: Large, overwhelming tasks can be daunting for children with ADHD. Break down chores and projects into smaller, manageable steps to make them less intimidating. Minimize distractions: Remove distractions like toys or electronics from their workspaces during focused activities. Positive Reinforcement for Children with ADHD is essential! Focus on effort over outcome: Praise your child's effort and progress, not just the final result. This helps build confidence and motivates them to keep trying. Use positive reinforcement: Reward good behavior with stickers, privileges, or quality time. Positive reinforcement is much more effective than punishment in changing behavior. Celebrate successes: Make a big deal about your child's accomplishments, no matter how small. This helps them feel good about themselves and their abilities.
In The News
Bow Ties and Bold Beginnings.
As Rowan County's only comprehensive early care, education, and clinical services, we are thankful to be part of Rowan County Chamber. This year we were able to send our Novant Educational Director Aleshya Spruill and Woods Assistant Educational Director to the gala to celebrate bold beginnings for 2024. Be sure to keep your eye on PIL for all our exciting updates!
Upcoming Events
As a women-inspired and woman-led organization, please join Partners In Learning on February 8th for Women In Business. Partners In Learning is a local non-profit organization providing early care, education, and comprehensive clinical services. They employ over 80 staff members, with over 96% being women. Food, drinks, fun games, door prizes, and a special tour of their new facility will be available for this networking event. 
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Employee Partner of the Month
Many of our staff have dedicated the majority of their career to Partners In Learning. This month we recognize Heather Fidler who is the Early Education Director for our Woods site!

Volunteers of the Month
Many parents and community members have dedicated their personal time to support Partners In Learning. This month we recognize: Steve and Celia Jarrett, and Raymond Coltrain.

Special Accomplishment!
Katelyn Leonard, who works in our ABA clinic, just passed her Behavior Analyst Certification Board exam. She is now a certified BCBA! In order to accomplish this prestigious certification you have to obtain a masters degree, complete 2,000 hours of fieldwork in ABA, and pass the board exam. The current pass rate for the board exam is 56%. We are so proud of you Katelyn!

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