February | 2024


February 1 at 2 pm: First meeting of the new LIR Café Society at Pulse in Hadley. Drop in if you can.

February 5 at 1:30 pm: Winter workshop Making Felt Dryer Balls with Jessie Tropp. Online. Register by February 2.

February 7 and 14 at 1:30 pm: Second and third meetings of Talking About Talking, facilitated by Francie Borden. Online. Please contact Francie if you did not attend the first meeting as meeting times may change.

February 8 at 2 pm: Reading Round Table in its new time slot as part of the LIR Café Society. Online.

February 9 at 10 am: Tour of the book repository at the FCI annex. Registration required. Register by February 5.

February 13 at 1:30 pm. New member coffee at the Amherst Senior Center. New members and members of Council and committees are encouraged to attend.

February 16 at 10 am. President's Forum. Hybrid. Please register.

February 22 at 2 pm. First fourth Thursday meeting of the LIR Café Society, facilitated by Naomi Yanis. Online.

February 26: Spring semester seminars and workshops begin.

March 1 at 10 am: Encore! begins.

March 1, 8 and 13 at 2 pm: Telling Our Stories: A three-part series focusing on folk music and oral histories with Michael and Carrie Kline. Hybrid. Registration available soon.

March 8 at 10 am: (No Encore presentation this week) Moderator Panel Discussion with Ellen Kosmer, Larry Ambs and Bobbie Reitt.

FCLIR Café Society – What’s in a name?

Austin Porter answers a question he's been asked more than once: “Why Café Society?"

Read more and join Austin at the inaugural gathering of the Society on February 1!

Where have all our committees gone?

The proliferation of FCLIR committees over the past fifteen years has been reversed with the creation of two "umbrella committees", the Communication Committee and the Program Coordination Committee. Vice President Kathy Campbell discusses the goals of this reorganization.

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Member Profile: Naomi Yanis

Stony interviews long-time member Naomi Yanis. Few have made such a positive impact on this organization as Naomi. In addition to taking and moderating seminars, she has played a significant role in initiating policy by chairing committees and serving on the Council, including a term as President.

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Photos and art work needed

We are looking for a cover image for the Fall 2024 Catalog, as well as images that can be used on the web site. Send your original suggestions to our office at fclir@fivecolleges.edu.

Contributors to this issue: Austin Porter, Dick Stonberg and Kathy Campbell.

This issue was edited by Edie Kirk and Kathy Campbell and produced by the office manager.

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