This Month's Memory Verse

What we are learning this month!

In Exile

The people were far away from the land God had given them, but they were not far from the God who had given it. Even in exile, God was with His people, watching over them and promising them that one day, they would return to the land, and when they did, they would return to Him as well.

Big Picture Question: Where is God? God is in all places at all times and is always with His people.


February 4th: Jeremiah Encouraged God’s People Jeremiah 29–30

Family Discussion Starters:

• How did God describe His plans for His people?

•What did God promise His people?

Family Activity:

Play “Simon Says.” However, when “Simon” says to do something, everyone should do the opposite. Talk about how the Israelites faced consequences when they didn’t listen to God. End the discussion by reminding kids that Jesus took our punishment and provided a way for us to be brought back to God’s presence.

February 11th: Daniel Was Faithful | Daniel 1

Family Discussion Starters:

• Why didn’t Daniel want to eat the king’s special food?

 • What happened after Daniel and his friends ate vegetables and drank water for ten days?

Family Activity:

Plan dinner together as a family. Serve different kinds of vegetables and dips for kids to try. Talk about how Daniel obeyed God and honored Him by not eating the king’s food. Remind kids that it was God, not the diet, that made Daniel wise and strong.

February 18th: Daniel Served God | Daniel 5

Family Discussion Starters:

•How was King Belshazzar’s feast interrupted?

• What were some of the bad choices that King Belshazzar made?

Family Activity:

Stack blocks to see how tall of a tower the family can build. Keep building until the tower falls. Read Proverbs 16:18 and discuss what it says about pride. Remind kids that Jesus humbled Himself by dying on the cross to save us from sin.

February 25th: God Is Present with Us | Isaiah 7

Family Discussion Starters:

• King Ahaz didn’t need to be afraid; what should he have done instead?

• What sign did Isaiah say God would send?

Family Activity:

The name Immanuel means “God with us.” Look up the meaning of each family member’s name using a baby names book or website. Discuss whether the meanings of the names describe each person’s personality, and then discuss how the name Immanuel describes Jesus.

Kids Korner Store

I am so proud of our elementary kids. They have been working really hard at memorizing things and earning tokens. I would like to add more things for them to memorize or even some that bring out good character traits. Please email me if you have any suggestions. I would love to hear from you. sarah.ball@lakeside.org