Newsletter of the Platte County Democratic
 Central Committee

Volume 16 No. 2                               February 2024


March 30 – Platte County Democratic Women (North and South Clubs) - Sweets Auction will be at Harper Haus, Platte City. Actual auction will be 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  

April 2 – Municipal Elections including School Boards. For a complete list of items on the ballot in your area visit the Platte County Board of Elections Site 

April 8 - Platte County Federated Women’s Democratic Club (South) will meet at the KCPD North Patrol 11000 NW Prairie View Road 6:30 p.m.

April 9 - Democratic Women’s Coalition for Northern Platte County (North) will meet at Cactus Creek, 400 Main Street, Weston, MO. 7:00 p.m. 

April 16 – Northland Democratic Club will meet at the ACA Business Club, 1400 NW Vivion Road. Guest speakers will include candidates. 

April 18 - Platte County Democratic Delegate Selection Meeting - details will be forthcoming

Save the Date June 9, 2024 12:00-3:00

Music and Mimosas

Upcoming Meetings 

Platte County Democratic Central Committee - third Thursday of the month at KC North Patrol HQ, 11000 NW Prairie View Rd Kansas City, 7:00 pm.

NOTE: The April meeting conflicts with the delegate selection meeting. Further details will follow.

Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - second Monday of the month. KC North Patrol HQ, 11000 NW Prairie View Rd Kansas City. 6:30 pm.

Northland Democratic Club - third Tuesday of the month, ACA Business Club, 1400 NW Vivion Road Kansas City, 6:30 pm. 

Democratic Women's Coalition for Northern Platte County - second Tuesday of the month.  Weston Bend Acres, 17415 Highway 45, Weston. 7:00 pm.

Northland Democratic Club - click here.

Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - click here.

Clay County Democrats - click here

Jackson County Democrats - click here

Greater KC Women's Caucus - click here.

Buchanan County Democrats - click here

Platte County Democratic Central Committee

The Platte County Democratic Central Committee met on March 14 (a week early due to scheduling conflict) at the KCPD North Patrol. Plans for the March 23 in person Presidential Primary were discussed. The turnout was excellent! Thank you all! Plans for the Women’s Clubs March 30th Sweets Auction were also discussed. Preliminary plans for the Platte County Mass meeting are tentatively scheduled to be for April 18th at Renner School. Delegates to the State Democratic Convention are elected at Mass Meetings. Delegates to the National Democratic Convention are selected at the State Convention.

John Kirchmeier reported on the recent meeting of the Western division of the 6th Congressional District in Cameron, MO. The 6 most important issues discussed were 1. Access to health care; 2. Education 3. GOTV 4. Infrastructure (the battle against misinformation – Graves taking credit for infrastructure bill he voted against); 5. Internet access 6. Need to get at least one person representing the Democratic Party in each county. Paula Willmarth volunteered to help with identifying representative and organizing efforts .

About the selection process to select delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago: here is a link to the delegate selection materials and meeting information. Feel free to share. Please note that delegate applications are due by April 11 at 7:30 and instructions are at the bottom on where to send.

Delegate Selection | Missouri Democrats

Platte County Federated Women’s Democratic Club (South)

The Women’s Club met on March 11 at the KCPD North Patrol. The Club welcomed a Girl Scout troop and their leaders who are working on their government badge. They are learning about government and political parties and will also be visiting other meetings. It is always encouraging to find young people interested in government and politics! 

Plans for the March 30th Sweets Auction in Platte City were discussed. Everyone is encouraged to come and bring a friend. 

Two pieces of informational literature were discussed. First, revisions to the “Democrats Believe” card that was produced a couple of years ago was discussed. Since the meeting, a box of the cards has been discovered so rather than having it reprinted, it was decided to add a “paid for by” line with a sticker at the bottom of the cards we have. The other is a one page flyer that has been used as a handout at various events. It was suggested that text is rather bland so revisions are in progress. In any case, a “paid for by” line will be added to the new version.

Final arrangements and details concerning the Democratic Presidential Preference Primary that was held March 23rd at the Green Hills Library were discussed. We are happy to report that there was a steady crowd of voters on the 23rd. President Joe Biden was the winner of Missouri’s Democratic Presidential Preference Primary. 

President Rita McGuire announced that the MFWDC State Convention will be in June 14-16 in Jefferson City. We have been asked to contribute an item for the Friday night auction. We have also been asked to sell 50-50 raffle tickets. Anyone interested in attending should contact Rita.

The April meeting of the Platte County Democratic Women’s Club will be a fun event at Big Shots Bar and Grill by Hillcrest Thrift shop. 

Northland Democratic Club

The February 20 meeting of the Northland Democratic Club featured a Zoom appearance by Crystal Quade, Minority Leader of the Missouri House of Representatives and candidate for Governor of Missouri She provided a review of the current legislative session from a parking lot in Jefferson City. Crystal Quade was also the main speaker at Clay County’s Winterfest held on February 24th at Harrah’s Hotel NKC. Also on the agenda were candidates for the Missouri Legislature: Greg Smith House District 15; Jim Bates, House District 38 who announced that because there were two candidates for House District that he would withdraw from that race and run for Missouri Senate District 21 instead. Marty Jacobs, the other candidate for House District 38 also spoke and Misha Smith spoke on behalf of Empower Missouri provided an update on houseless criminalization and affordable housing policy.

The March meeting of the Northland Democratic Club was held on March 19th at the ACA Club. Guest speakers were candidates for the Missouri House of Representatives: Shirley Mata, House District 17; Andrea Dunning, House District 13 and Ashley Aune, House District 14. Ashley reported that she plans to run for House Minority Leader in next year’s session, the post currently held by Crystal Quade. She also reported that the Democratic House Campaign Committee stands to win a grant from the National Democratic Party if there are enough candidates running in Missouri House Districts and that Democrats are just three seats away from breaking the Republican super majority. Recent years have been very difficult for Democrats in the state legislature but this year things are looking up.

Missourians for Constitutional Freedom

Missourians for Constitutional Freedom is a statewide coalition of organizations and concerned citizens from across the state working to establish the right for all Missourians to make decisions about our own reproductive health care – including abortion, birth control, and miscarriage care – without interference from out-of-touch politicians.

We are required to collect 172,000 valid signatures by May 5th, 2024, to ensure Missourians get to vote on ending our cruel abortion ban at the ballot.

Your support is crucial to make this initiative a reality.

To get involved click on their logo below:

August 6, 2024 Primary Election

 Contested Offices

Democratic Candidates for U. S. Senate  

December Harmon.

Lucas Kunce

Karla May 

Samuel Rutherford

Democratic Candidate for the 6th Congressional District

Erik Richardson

Democratic Candidates for Governor 

Sheryl Gladney

Mike Hamra

Crystal Quade

Sarah Unsicker

Eric Morrison

Lt. Governor 

Richard Brown

Anastasia Sykes

Attorney General

Elad Gross

Secretary of State

Haley Jacobson

Barbara Phifer

Monique William

State Senate

Maggie Nurrenbern, District 17 (currently in the Representative in House District 15)

State House of Representatives

District 12 - Jamie Johnson (incumbent)

District 13 - Andrea Denning

District 14 - Ashley Aune (incumbent)

Platte County

County Commissioner District 1

Charles McDonald

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