Newsletter of the Platte County Democratic
 Central Committee

Volume 16 No. 2                               February 2024


February 20 – Northland Democratic Club – will meet at the ACA Business Club, 1400 NW Vivion Road. Guest speakers will include candidates. 

February 23 – Meet and Greet for Elad Gross, candidate for Missouri Attorney General at the MCPL Green Hills Public Library 8581 N. Green Hills Road 2:30 to 4:30p.m.

February 24 – Clay County’s Winterfest Harrah’s Hotel 

February 27 – Candidate filing opens for August 6, 2024 Primary Election, Platte County Board of Elections, 2600 NW Prairie View Road, Platte City. MO.

March 11 – Platte County Federated Women’s Democratic Club (South) will meet at the KCPD North Patrol 11000 NW Prairie View Road.  

March 12 – Democratic Women’s Coalition for Northern Platte County (North) will meet 

March 14 – Platte County Democratic Central Committee will meet at the KCPD North Patrol 11000 NW Prairie View 7:00 p.m. This meeting is a week early because of scheduling conflicts.

March 23 Presidential Preference Caucus – will be held at the MCPL (Mid Continent Public Library) Green Hills Branch, 8581 N. Green Hills Road 8:00 a.m. to Noon.

March 30 – Platte County Democratic Women (North and South Clubs) - Sweets Auction will be at Harper Haus, Platte City. Actual auction will be 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  

April 6Municipal Elections (School Boards) will be held for Park Hill and R-3 School Districts (see below for candidate lists). Filing deadline was December 26, 2023.

June 9 - Music & Mimosas 2024, Argosy Casino 777 NW Argosy Casino Pkwy, Riverside, MO 64150 - stay tuned for more information

Upcoming Meetings 

Platte County Democratic Central Committee - third Thursday of the month at KC North Patrol HQ, 11000 NW Prairie View Rd Kansas City, 7:00 pm.

NOTE: The next meeting will be on the second Thursday, March 14 KC North Patrol HQ

Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - second Monday of the month. KC North Patrol HQ, 11000 NW Prairie View Rd Kansas City. 6:30 pm.

Northland Democratic Club - third Tuesday of the month, ACA Business Club, 1400 NW Vivion Road Kansas City, 6:30 pm. 

Democratic Women's Coalition for Northern Platte County - second Tuesday of the month.  Weston Bend Acres, 17415 Highway 45, Weston. 7:00 pm.

Northland Democratic Club - click here.

Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - click here.

Clay County Democrats - click here

Jackson County Democrats - click here

Greater KC Women's Caucus - click here.

Buchanan County Democrats - click here


Democratic Presidential Primary Election

February 21 – Deadline to register with the Secretary of State to participate in the Democratic presidential primary. This step is not required to participate in the primary election. It is required for those who want to participate in the process for selecting Democratic Convention Delegates later in the year. February 21 is also the deadline to register to vote if you are not registered or if you have moved. Party affiliation is not required.

February 1 - Registered voters who are not registered Republicans can begin requesting mail-in ballots via the MDP (Missouri Democratic Party) website. or by phone at (855) 433-8683.

March 12 – period to request mail-in ballot closes. Deadline to return ballot 10:00 am March 23, 2024.

In person voting is not at your regular precinct

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Platte County will vote from 8:00 am to Noon at the 

Green Hills MCPL (Mid-continent Public Library), 8581 N. Green Hills Road

Platte County Federated Women’s Democratic Club 

The Women’s Club met on February 12 at the KCPD North Patrol meeting room. Our speaker was Andrea Denning, candidate for House District 13. Plans for the Sweets Auction were discussed. The petition in support of reproductive freedom was available for signature. An update of the Democrats Believe document was discussed. An update will be submitted to the Central Committee before additional copies are printed. Elisa Nelson was asked to make posts to our Facebook page shareable.

Missourians for Constitutional Freedom

Missourians for Constitutional Freedom is a statewide coalition of organizations and concerned citizens from across the state working to establish the right for all Missourians to make decisions about our own reproductive health care – including abortion, birth control, and miscarriage care – without interference from out-of-touch politicians.

We are required to collect 172,000 valid signatures by May 5th, 2024, to ensure Missourians get to vote on ending our cruel abortion ban at the ballot.

Your support is crucial to make this initiative a reality.

To get involved click on their logo below:

Municipal Elections (Park Hill and R-3 School Districts)

April 2, 2024

R-3 District Two seats, three candidates (in ballot order)

Karen Bryant

Katherine Schlimm

Mathew Crain

Park Hill School District Two seats, three candidates

Brandy Woodley (incumbent)

Harrison Todd

Sadie Peterson

August 6, 2024 Primary Election

 for all other contested offices

National Offices

Democratic Candidates for U. S. Senate  

December Harmon

Lucas Kunce

Karla May 

Samuel Rutherford

Democratic Candidate for the 6th Congressional District

Erik Richardson

Democratic Candidates for Missouri


Sheryl Gladney

Mike Hamra

Crystal Quade

Sarah Unsicker

Lt. Governor 

Richard Brown

Anastasia Sykes

Attorney General

Elad Gross

Secretary of State

No candidate announced

Missouri Legislature

State Senate

Maggie Nurrenbern, District 17 (currently in the Representative in House District 15)

State House of Representatives

Jamie Johnson, District 12 (incumbent)

Andrea Denning, District 13

Ashley Aune, District 14 (incumbent)

Platte County 

County Commissioner District 1

Charles McDonald

County Commissioner District 2

Only Democratic and nonpartisan candidates are listed here. 

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