FEBRUARY 2024 Newsletter

The Alliance exists to encourage human flourishing by promoting a more complete truth, informed by Judeo-Christian values and natural law, about the science of sexual orientation and biological sex through education, advocacy, clinical training, and therapy.


The Alliance is structured into six divisions.

Three professional divisions include:

  1. Clinical Division
  2. Research Division
  3. Medical Division

Three public advocacy focused divisions are: 

  1. Client Rights Division
  2. Ethics, Family and Faith Division
  3. Public Education Division 

This allows for diversity of interests and voices to be recognized and involved in our mission. Conferences, community workshops, clinical training institutes and empirical research arise from these efforts. Today we feature our Clinical Division. The next few months the newsletter will feature the remaining divisions.

Clinical Division Chair: Robert Vazzo LMFT 

Bd. Member Michael Gasparro - Student and Emerging Clinician Committee 

PURPOSE STATEMENT: The Alliance Clinical Division promotes the

development of exceptional clinical skills among its partner clinicians and

supports excellence in the creation and dissemination of research

surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity issues.


#1. Conduct monthly clinical meetings to promote collaboration among

Alliance clinical partners.

#2. Maintain a database of Alliance Certified Therapists as well as

approved partner therapists for public referral purposes. Communicate

with therapists regarding Alliance Certification and CEUs. 

#3 Promote an annual conference where participants demonstrate

excellence in research and clinical practice through professional

presentations and workshops

Human Flourishing Metrics and Unrecognized Religion!

I recently ran across an institute at Harvard University called “Flourishing Metrics.” It is currently led by Dr. Tyler J. VanderWeele PH. D. and articulates the following mission statement:

Flourishing Metrics brings together globally recognized researchers on human flourishing with industry experts in Human Resources. Our team is passionate about improving the world and the lives of all people through a scientific and holistic approach to well-being.

This institute identifies 5 key metrics:

…doing or being well in the following five domains of human life:

(i) happiness and life satisfaction; 

(ii) Mental and Physical; 

(iii) Meaning and purpose;

(iv) character and virtue;

(v) close social relationships;

(vi) Financial and material stability 

Dr. VanderWeele notes that there may be other dimensions of human flourishing beyond the six above. He states that “Someone who is religious, for example, would include some notion of communion with God or the transcendent within what is meant by flourishing.”

VanderWeele, T, J.  (2017) On the Promotion of Human Flourishing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  114(31),8149. 

Webster, both online and in print, uses the words “belief” or “believes” between 3 and 6 times in the definition of the word ‘religion.’  Perhaps the domains of human life, presented in the Human Flourishing model, can evolve some excellent information and tools enhancing mental and behavioral healthcare. However, a comment that “Someone who is religious…” may find an additional tool in ‘religion’ to facilitate their “human flourishing” is naïve. Religion is not a ‘tool for some’ but rather an identity, articulated by honest inner searching and acknowledgement of personally held ‘beliefs.’ We cannot ignore the universality of human belief systems. There is hope, however. All can embark on a journey to articulate belief systems and reach some conclusions about their religion, and nurture invaluable ‘beliefs.’

Andy Visser

Alliance Board President

Chair of the Ethics, Family and Faith Division


In the Alliance Newsletter, January, 2024, I noted that every human being does have a spiritual identity and this arises out of identifiable ‘beliefs.’ Now, not in my wishes or plans, I find myself experiencing a new condition. New thoughts have caused me to reconsider internalized beliefs. These thoughts, not even crossing my mind 7 weeks ago, arise following a diagnosis and early treatment for lymphoma cancer. Blessedly, and with great gratitude for excellent medical teams, the problem appears isolated. A single surgical removal of a lump in my neck plus 4 follow up chemo treatments present a ‘best possible’ outcome right now. Negatives do exist – I have been warned that I must plan to lose my remaining hair before treatment is completed sometime in April. I will hope diligently that hair loss is a ‘condition’ not an ‘identity’ for the rest of my life. Thank you all for prayers and support!!

- Andy

Have you been helped by the Alliance? Let us know! We’d like to share your story in our next newsletter.

Andy Visser

President, The Alliance

Daren Mehl

Operations Manager, The Alliance

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