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February 2023 I Volume 2
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Georgene Connelly
MASWA President

Celebrate Kindness and Caring

Woven into the fabric of our souls is the innate ability to be kind, care and to love. How often do we tap into that resource? We may decide not to and that becomes our loss. When we do tap into that resource, the outcome is rewarding. Tapping into that resource may be a decision or it may come naturally. Whatever the mode of operation, we have the ability to positively affect the lives of others.

Welcome to February, where our thoughts may turn and focus on love and kindness. This could be due to the celebration of Valentine’s Day. It could be because we long for good heart health for us, our loved ones and those under our care. It could be because we love America and see the importance of understanding Black History as American History. It could be because the hustle bustle of the early winter holidays have wrapped up and we realize how very fortunate we are to have experienced all the love and kindness during those busy momentous days. Upon reflection, we discover that kindness and love is bountiful.

Did you know that Hallmark Cards reported that well over 145 million cards are generally purchased in the United States for Valentine’s Day? Even though it is just for a day, the gesture of presenting someone with a card or a special flower, is a gesture that is remembered by the giver and the receiver.

Since 1964, American Heart Month has been recognized as a way to help us practice good heart health. The American Heart Association and other avenues care enough to make education, research results and statistics available for us so that we may take notice and enjoy better lives. That’s another example of caring, yet another is the love of our country.

Yes, America is a wonderful country and certainly one to be loved. Many made huge contributions and sacrifices to make America what it is today. In 1986, Public Law 99-244 was passed by Congress that proclaimed February as “National Black History Month.” The love of what we do together as Americans certainly deserves this reflection and recognition.

Reflecting on instances of love and kindness may remind us of an old Aesop fable of the Lion and the Mouse. Aesop tells us that a Lion lay asleep in the forest when a little Mouse unexpectedly came upon the Lion that somehow roused the Lion. The Lion began to grab the Mouse. The Mouse pleaded that if the Lion let it go, it would someday repay the Lion. The Lion let the Mouse go, only to find that later the Lion was caught in a hunter’s trap. The Lion’s angry roar was recognized by the Mouse who came to gnaw at the rope until the Lion was freed! Aesop summarizes this fable with: “Kindness is never wasted.” It never is.

During this month, generally singled out to be one for love and kindness and caring, may we look for ways to tap into our resources to deliver these sentiments to those seniors and families we serve. While it may not be proper to expect something in return, an act of kindness usually is repaid in one form or another. My grandmother always said, “Send out bread and it will come back buttered.” Through your service, may you enjoy kindness, caring and love!

See you at our next MASWA event on Thursday, February 23.

Georgene Connelly