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February 2021 | Issue 18
Let me win, but if I cannot win,
Let me be brave in the attempt.
From the Editor...
Face Mask 1
We are now in the second month of the year, and the 11th month of not going places. There IS good news that the vaccine is now getting out.

Our community is eligible in VA for registration for Phase 1B, so get registered and get vaccinated. The link to the Fairfax County site is at the button.
2021 Winter programs and activities will all be virtual...
In case anyone missed the January announcement, the Area Council has determined that there will be no Winter season in person activities this year. We will look again at the situation when Spring sports are supposed to begin to see if we can open up some options.

We understand this will be a disappointment to many, but we believe it is the safest course for Area 26.  We will return to in-person sports as soon as it is safe to do so.
Active Athletes...

Here are more in our series of pictures illustrating how we are passing the time away from regular activities while staying safe from the virus...
Austin Ward doing his night moves
Michael England shoots long
Christian Graham hanging with his cousin Brynn
Ameer Malik walking off the holiday calories
Billy Duquette and Joey Dickerson keeping their bowling skills up to date
Snowmasters Jeff Cogswell, Jeyoon Cho, Ben and Zach Fowler conquer Winter
The Winter Combine has begun...

We wish the best of luck to our Area teams participating in the 8 week event. We will show images of your athletes as we get them.
A Special Message from SOVA concerning COVID Awareness
More information is available in this downloadable flier...
One of our own gets recognized...
Homeland Security Today released its awards for 2020, and amongst the luminaries names for their endeavors, was Golf Coordinator Mark Emery. He was awarded the MARKET MAVEN, which is presented to an exceptional individual who contributes in a concrete and tangible way to the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of the homeland and national security market.

Proven as a thought leader with a belief in increasing individual opportunity, the power of free enterprise and the nurture of innovation to advance and support the homeland and national security mission.

I spoke to Mark to get some perspective on his work role and the purpose of the award, and this is an excerpt from our interview...
Q: What was the specific activity that was recognized in this award?

A: I organized a team to solve a problem with protecting electronic communications such as emails from being hacked as easily.
Q: Is there a lot of risk in that area?

A: Yes. With all of the Internet of Things appliances, Zoom conferences and such taking the place of in person interactions during the pandemic, there is a real chance for theft of our data and identity. The solution we put in place reduces that risk.

Q: Were you expecting the honor?

A: No, it was a complete surprise. I am very happy to be recognized along with such important contributors as Anthony Fauci and Chris Krebs.
Congratulations again to Mark for this great achievement!! If you want to reach him with your own celebratory message, he is at
Virtual Activities Update...
Hi Athletes,

Temperatures are low nowadays, but our spirits aren't! We have lots of ways for you to stay active and connect with your Area 26 community! We're continuing with a lot of the activities you loved in the fall, and working to add some new ones.

A few highlights....

1. You can find your practice time and location on the web at the button below including the schedule for 3x week class with Youniquely Fit for those that want some extra fitness, or don't already have a team to practice with
2. We still have Yoga, Bootcamp, Dance Party Fridays- you can find that info at button 2 below...

3. The next Crafting Collab is happening Feb 7th- make sure to view that info and REGISTER at button 3.
4. We are getting closer to having BASH BOXING back with us for WEEKLY practices so stay tuned for that!! We'll update the Website and the Facebook Page. Speaking of....

We're working to make sure to communicate out MORE via Facebook and we also want to see what you all are doing to stay FIT. Make sure to follow our Area 26 Group on Facebook-
YOUniquely Fit is continuing to run their excellent program into the new year. There is room for several more athletes if you are looking for a great way to get in some exercise with some top-notch SO Coaches on days you don't have team practice. You can join at the button, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday from 6 to 7pm!
Keep up the energy everybody! 
Fit-5 Fitness Pals Monthly Update...
The Fit5-Five...Chris, Tom, Dave, Max and Kyler are back at it to lose any holiday pounds...
Tom Merz getting in some late-evening hoops practice
David Kellet-Forsyth practicing Soccer
Chris Robinson passing out fliers for his and Jeff Cogswell's snow removal and lawn care business
Max Hershberger MAXing out an all body routine
Kyler Reese channelling his inner Billy Blanks
You can still check out their Workout Video on our YouTube Site by clicking the button.
Athletes Corner
  • by Jeff Cogswell
Hello Area 26 athletes, parents, and coaches.

With no organized sports being played in Special Olympics in almost a year what is everyone doing for exercise?

I have seen many of my teammates and other athletes participating in our virtual Zoom season various workouts/exercises that keep them motivated to get stronger and in shape during this pandemic since we are unable to have a regular sport season. Besides myself, I am glad to see athletes participate to the best of their ability with team workouts and having a great time while working out and staying in shape.

This is also a very good way to stay connected to get us through this trying time in our lives. Without our volunteers and coaches dedication to us athletes and our sports, none of this would be possible. Let’s continue to keep active through virtual Zoom exercises/workouts until we can all come together in person.

-Talk to you all next month,
Staying Active is the key for now!!
Here are some of our Area Teams in action on Zoom...
Marc Egan's Steelers doing seat-squats
The Green Machine well oiled...
Warhawks nearing the end of their double season online...
The Legends Basketball Team and GMU Scrimmage Squad
Take some screenshots and get your team in the spotlight at the button...
We love to have your inputs - so keep busy and...
2021 Polar Plunge - VIRTUAL THIS YEAR...

The Virtual Plunge is under way. You can still register, but you need to do so quickly before the ice melts...

Help Team Captain David Updike (of the Condors...) move us closer to the funding goal for our programs...please donate or join his team...
IMPORTANT: When you sign up to plunge or donate, make sure to either do so under our team or make sure to indicate that you are Area 26. The area receives 50% of the proceeds, but ONLY for those that indicate their Area directly in the submission. The remainder of the funds go to operating such events as the State Games.
Stay Healthy, Stay Active!!
Revealing the Champion in all of us...
Please continue to share information about this newsletter and website with those you know in the community so that we can better share the wonder of our special athletes and volunteers. To sign up to receive the newsletter, go to our webform Newsletter Subscription
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