Love can take an infinite variety of forms—simply to be a loving presence in the world is quite enough. No matter what we are doing or not doing, our state of consciousness affects the whole collective consciousness.” ~ Adyashanti, Sacred Inquiry: Questions That Can Transform Your Life
February 2021 News & Offerings
Compassionate Regard for the World
During this time of unimaginable change and uncertainty, we at Open Gate Sangha have been reflecting upon what Adyashanti calls “compassionate regard for the world.” In the following excerpts from his latest book, Sacred Inquiry, Adya responds to questions about how to lovingly and courageously engage with the world from a place that honors a commitment to truth.
“It seems to me that the world does not need any more outrage than it already has. It does, though, desperately need more love put into action.”
~ Adyashanti
Discounted Retreat-at-Home Offering
While Adyashanti is taking time off for a personal retreat, many of us in the sangha are also taking the opportunity to retreat at home by using the discounted resources here. As part of this collection, we provide a guide and structure for your personal retreat experience.

We invite you to spend an extended period of time in silence and reflect on the dharma talks offered by Adya and Mukti.
Adya Broadcasts

The Immensity of Self with Adyashanti (Prerecorded)

Wed, Feb 17 ~ 6:00 pm PT
Thu, Feb 18 ~ noon PT

You can also watch these broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube. The video replay will be available for a week on these platforms.
Mukti Broadcasts

Upcoming LIVE Broadcast!

Wed, Feb 24 ~ 6:00 pm PT
Wed, Mar 31 ~ 6:00 pm PT

This broadcast will be available on Mukti's Broadcast page and on YouTube Live. Replays will be available on Facebook and YouTube for a week following each broadcast.
Now a Self-Guided Course!

Facets of Unity: Experiencing the Interconnectedness at the Heart of Reality

4-Week Self-Guided Course with Adyashanti

Originally offered as a live online program in September 2020, this self-guided course dives deeply into the heart of reality and the intimate interconnectedness of our true nature. Through talks, Q&A, and daily practices, you will explore the many facets of unity that can act as doorways to a deeper experience and realization of the essential interconnectedness of our true nature.
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New Teachings: 

Selected Subject of the Month:

Adya’s Library: Devotion to Truth
Mukti’s Library: Relationship
Complimentary Audio Downloads
The Origin of Opposites

To be in life is to experience the interplay of opposites. During this illuminating talk from a 2018 retreat, Adyashanti explores the source of opposites, where a whole new potentiality arises.
Behind Free Will

Is there free will or no free will? In this thought-provoking retreat talk, Mukti encourages listeners to step back from this quandary and other dilemmas and go to the root of all polarities.
Featured Book

Sacred Inquiry: Questions That Can Transform Your Life
by Adyashanti

One does not need to seek out ones demons in an endless pursuit of self-improvement. We simply need to face whatever arises with an honest, open, and inquiring mind and heart.~ Adyashanti
Featured Downloads

Silent Retreat Vol. 79 ~ Talks
Adya’s 2020 European Online Retreat

The Boundless Awakened Heart
Adya’s Aug 2020 Online Intensive

A Remembrance of Our Essential Nature
Adya's Aug 2020 Broadcast

Revisioning Suffering
Mukti’s May 2020 Teaching Series

Caring for the World
Compilation of Adya Talks 2010-2017
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Adyashanti, author of Sacred Inquiry, The Most Important Thing, and The Way of Liberation is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence. 

New to Adyashanti? Here’s a complimentary download of his 53-page book: The Way of Liberation: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
Mukti, whose name is translated as “liberation,” is the Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha. Her talks point audiences back to their natural state of wholeness or undivided consciousness. For teaching excerpts, audio downloads and CDs, qi gong videos, and a complete calendar of Mukti’s programs, visit