February Fitness Challenge

Want to try something new? Let's play Fitness Bingo! Get Blackout and we'll enter your name into a drawing to win a CHF T-shirt and most importantly, let you yell “BINGO!” Visit the front desk to get your card. Or play virtually here.

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Joining Offer

Start your fitness journey with a 30-minute personal training session. Offer available to the first 15 new basic or unlimited members. Grab your 3-day pass here.

In-Person/Virtual Nutrition Workshop - FREE to all CHF Members

Learn how to incorporate heart-healthy snacks into your diet. This white bean hummus veggie wrap recipe is one you won't want to miss. Click here to register. 

Back2Basics Fitness Workshops

The month of February is a great time to rev up your strength training routine and meet our brand-new personal trainers Faye and Jon! You can sign up using the Mind Body app right now. Or in person at the front desk. Class attendance is limited.  

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Ask a Personal Trainer Booth

Got questions? We have answers. By looking at what you’re already doing, a trainer can suggest ways to change or tweak your workouts to make them more efficient and effective. No appointment needed, just stop by. 

Valentine's Day - Massage

Treat yourself or someone you love to the relaxation, recovery, and wellness that only a great massage can provide. To purchase, please visit the front desk.

Redondo Beach Super Bowl - 10K/5K

Redondo Beach's annual Super Bowl run is a community highlight. For some Zumba moves before the Sunday run, join us at the Expo on Saturday, February 11. Hope to see you there! 

Meet CHF's New Personal Trainer

Meet Faye, a long-time CHF member and new CHF Personal Trainer. Her enthusiasm and determination are contagious, and she hopes to help you reach your fitness goals! 

Small Group Training

Think strength training isn’t for you? Circuit-style training is fun, effective, and affordable for people of all ages. If you feel that you can stick to a fitness routine, and you have support from others, you have a better chance of staying committed. You can join us in person or virtually. Sign up today!

Member Appreciation Event

Community is what makes the Center for Health & Fitness so special. Stop by to say hello to old and new friends.

Exercise Tips from the Pros

Strength's the extra boost you need to lose weight! Find out why it works here.

Unlimited Silver Membership - $50/mo.

(No Long-Term Commitment)

Unlimited Silver Membership is designed for those seeking the complete fitness package. Ask the front desk for details

Strike a Pose by Trying Yoga!

Research has shown that yoga can improve your sleep quality, make you more flexible, and help you lose weight. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or pro, you can find a CHF class that’s right for you. Read the article here.

Virtual Membership

It might possibly be the best of both worlds. Whether you exercise in a group or work out alone, there are benefits to both (synergy, accountability). A virtual workout combines both: You are part of a group sweating it out at the same time, but in the privacy of your own home. In-person and virtual classes are available to CHF basic members. Classes also available as a virtual-only option. Learn more here

Lazy Acres – Our Partner in Health

Your family will love the delicious smell of these French Toast Roll-Ups on Saturday morning! They look amazing, thanks Lazy Acres!

Lunge Around the Clock

Okay, not literally. Even though lunges are a tried-and-true, simple movement to activate those leg and glute muscles, they can feel, well, mundane at times. Let's spice things up with clock lunges that target quads, hamstrings, glutes, and inner thighs.

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