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  • Collaboration with University of Iowa
  • New: NovAtel Kit updates with PowerPak7
  • New: SmartMicro Automotive RADAR UMRR-8F &UMRR-11
  • New Sales Partner: Macnica
  • Build your own Automated Research Development Vehicle!
What's Happening at AStuff
  • This month's favorite: Kate Baker
  • We're hiring!!
  • February events
  • Upcoming events
Collaboration with University of Iowa
Enabling the future of autonomy is a phrase we live by at AutonomouStuff. A great way to do this is by teaming up with great universities, like the University of Iowa.

“We’re working closely with the University of Iowa and HERE Technologies to build on top of our existing software stack to leverage the HERE map live database and to drive the requirements for the live data feed,” said AutonomouStuff Director of Engineering Joe Buckner in a recent press release. “We are in a unique position, working together to understand some of the requirements for the live map data feeds.” 

We're proud to do our part to help university's provide the tools needed to advance the future of the industry!

Click here to read the press release in its entirety.
New: NovAtel Kit updates with PowerPak7
We have worked very closely with NovAtel to develop the best GNSS/INS precise positioning solutions for your autonomous vehicle research & development. We're proud to introduce updated NovAtel SPAN® GNSS/INS Positioning Kits. The ProPak6 is replaced by the new, state-of-the-art PowerPak7 SPAN enclosure with Dual-antenna and RTK/PPP capability. The PwrPak7 receivers have been paired with varying IMU models depending on your accuracy requirements as well as two GNSS-502 dual frequency low-profile antennas with magnetic roof-mounts for easy installation. This update provides improved performance, increased system resources and the new interference tool kit.

Features of the PowerPak7:
  • Increased satellite availability with 555 channel capability and all-constellation tracking
  • RTK, PPP and ALIGN firmware options
  • Intelligent interference detection and mitigation
  • SPAN INS functionality
  • SPAN INS Land profile – improved INS positioning during outages
  • Enhanced web IU for receiver configuration
Benefits of the PowerPak7:
  • Next generation NovAtel OEM7 GNSS technology
  • Supports current and future GNSS signals
  • Multiple communication interfaces for easy integration and installation
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to integrate
  • Wide array of communications options: Ethernet, USB, Serial RS232, CAN, WiFi, I/O breakout

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New: SmartMicro Automotive RADAR UMRR-8F & UMRR-11
We are excited to announce additions to Smartmicro's automotive RADAR line: UMRR-8F and UMRR-11. Their automotive RADAR sensors are used for forward collision warning and side and rear pre-crash sensing specializes in automotive, traffic and airborne radar technology.

UMRR-8F features include:
  • Operation at the 79GHz band
  • 4D/UHD
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
  • Lane Change Assist (LCA)
  • Rear and front Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA/FCTA)
  • High shock and vibration levels
  • Adaptive beams
  • Patented high speed modulation technique
  • 2xCAN V2.0b interface
  • Buffered real time clock
  • Angular gate specific detection
  • 3D acceleration sensor

UMRR-11 features include:
  • Operation at the 24GHz band
  • Small, lightweight, very robust
  • Works in adverse conditions
  • Short- and medium range collision warning
  • Best-in-class antenna technology
  • Patented high speed modulation technique
  • CAN bus, 100MBit Ethernet and full duplex RS485 interface
  • Buffered real time clock
  • 3D attitude sensor (measures pointing angle of sensor)
  • 3D acceleration sensor

Check out all of our offerings from Smartmicro here.
New Sales Partner: Macnica
As AutonomouStuff continues to grow, we strive to continue to exceed the needs of all our amazing customers across the world. To do this, we enlist the best sales partners. We're proud to announce our newest sales partner serving Japan: Macnica.

Founded in 1972, Macnica provides services and high-value products, including semiconductor components, electronic devices, network equipment and software, primarily to Japanese and foreign electrical and electronics manufacturers who lead the information and telecommunication industry.

We are proud to add Macnica to our growing list of worldwide sales partners to better serve our 2,000+ customers across the globe. Macnica has a strong local technical support team for autonomous driving technologies. Together with Macnica, we will enable future autonomy at the fastest speed in Japan.

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Build your own automated vehicle!
AStuff Platform Selector Guide
Our Platform Selector Guide allows you to configure your own custom, fully-integrated automated research development vehicle. Choose from a variety of platforms, select your build type, add your sensor set, software selections and data storage needs to create the perfect vehicle for your R&D needs!

Click here to build your own!
What's Happening at AStuff
  This month's favorite: Kate Baker
The AStuff family is made up of up so many amazing and talented people. This month, we'd like to introduce you to HR Associate, Kate Baker! Kate joined the team for about five months and we don't know what we'd do without her!

"I have spent a large part of my life searching for a career that I love. I worked my way from the bottom to the top in so many different industries and still struggled to find a job I was passionate about. Coming into AutonomouStuff, I can truly say I’ve found my passion project. I love being a part of this team and helping to make it great in any way I can. My superiors are truly great leaders who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. I come into work every day knowing that I will be able to contribute to this company in a way I was never able to in prior positions. People have been so accepting of who I am and I feel truly appreciated each and every day. We make one another better, which makes this company a phenomenal place to work and grow. When you create a great place to work, great work takes place. " -Kate Baker

It's employees like Kate who make AutonomouStuff such a great place. We appreciate you and all you do!!

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We're hiring!
Are you looking for a career opportunity that offers you a chance to truly make a difference in an amazing, fast paced industry? Do you want to join a team that seems more like a family than a merely group of cohorts? If so, look no further. AutonomouStuff is seeking passionate, creative and dedicated individuals who are looking for a career like no other. Our fun, welcoming and innovative culture will give you the chance to do what you love while helping to drive the field of autonomy into the future.

If you're looking to work with the best in the field in order to reinvent the entire industry, this is the place for you.

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February Events
February 2018 was a fun and busy month for the AStuff team. Here are some of the great events in which we had the privilege to participate:

AStuff team members were proud to be on site as and Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) sign cooperative partnership agreement In Guangzhou's Nansha District in China.

We teamed up with our friends at Quantum and had a great time at ILMF 2018 in Denver, Colo.

We welcomed Leadership Morton to our Morton, Ill. headquarters, where our fearless leader, Bobby Hambrick, gave the group an AStuff overview and spoke about leadership. The group also toured our facility.

Bobby also had the honor of opening for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner at Morton Rotary's February meeting.

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