A Note From April

Hello Friends,

There have been a lot of questions recently about Raymon's energy clearing project. We recently sent a brief explanation to the people on our energy clearing newsletter list. I have included it at the bottom of this email for anyone who did not receive it or is curious.

I also wanted to address a few FAQs....if you decide to try it there are two options on the webpages.

  1. You can choose "Add To Cart" which is a one-time payment for one month, or you can choose " Subscribe" which will add you to the recurring payment plan on the same date every month.
  2. You can choose to pay with a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. Just choose the option at the bottom for the credit card. PayPal will still process on our end but you do not need an account.
  3. You can cancel anytime by emailing me (not Raymon) or by logging into your PayPal account (if you signed up that way).
  4. Please direct all payment questions to me and all other dowsing related questions to Raymon.

We very much appreciate everyone who has supported this project! While results are not guaranteed there has been lots of positive feedback.

Have a great day!

April Grace

Director of Communications, Raymon Grace Foundation

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A Note From Raymon

Howdy Folks,

Since I was running out of things to write about, decided to let my friends write some newsletters for me.

Received a note from my friend Domenico and was so impressed by it that it seemed like a good idea to share it with you. 

Domenico agreed to add a few more details and here is his story.

This is evidence of what we can do when we don’t know we can’t.

Don’t ask me if you can do it~ because my answer will be. TRY IT AND FIND OUT.


Domenico's Story

So this is what happened with Jacopo and it was really amazing. He isn't 3 yet.

I generally clear my house every morning, it doesn't take long, but sometimes when I don't have time to do it myself for whatever reason I put your video on my laptop and let you do it. It happened, of course that Jacopo saw it and he asked me who you were and I told him: he is a friend of your daddy that takes out all bad things from our house. The other day when he woke up I was in the living room. He came to me, pointed at the laptop and said I want the man who chases ghosts. I laughed, put on the laptop and put your video on. I tried to explain, to a not yet three-year-old child, what you were doing. Sometimes it was easier; for example when I say "here he turns all bad stuff into good one" but for example when you talk about the demonic forces I simply said "now he makes ghosts gentle". When you work on negative entities I told them that in this case you were chasing them away. We saw the video and as he often does he wanted my pendulum and started to spin it. He kept asking me: is this a yes, is this a no? And then I told him if you do like this you you will chase all the ghosts away. He looked at me and he said, "no no I just want to make them gentle", wow he isn't three yet!

And this is what happened before he was born...

Dear Raymon, and when I say dear I DO mean it, I wanted to thank you and tell you a story. when a couple of years ago I started to study your methods, your dvds and your books I could have never imagined that something like what I am going to say could have ever happened. I and my wife are expecting our first child. a few weeks ago we went to her gynecologist for the 4th month ultrasound. we were happy because we would know the sex of our child and the first thing the doctor told us was, it's a boy, but then near the end of the ultrasound he told us there was something he was concerned about. He told us he saw what could be a little hole inside the heart of the baby. He told us probably the hole was not big enough to be afraid of, but he asked us to go to the children's hospital for a fetal echocardiogram. Again, he told us it probably was nothing terrible, but he needed to be sure about the size and the position of this little hole to know what to do. He told us that it could have been a "high risk delivery”. 

We had two really horrible weeks waiting for this exam and, as it always happens, it's terribly difficult to do something for ourselves or for our dearest ones. I never even thought of doing something myself, I was afraid and unconfident. 

Then the night before the exam I had an idea. I thought about your cd “A Healing Journey into the Spirit World”. 

I was nervous beyond belief, I put my headphones home and lay on our bed. Your drumming started. I had done it other times, but never like this. I followed all of your words, all of your instructions and at the end, when we got to the medicine stone I put my wife on it.

I asked my spirit guide to help me. I didn't know what to say exactly: close the hole, repair the heart... I was afraid to say the wrong thing so I simply said: we're here so that my baby's heart is healed. And for three times, following again your instructions, I did what was to be done. at the end of the session I stood up.

 My wife told me she came into our room and tried to talk to me three times, but she thought I was sleeping. I remember every second of the journey, step by step so I don't think I was asleep.

We went to sleep and during the night I kept visualizing myself and my wife in the Spirit World. Her on my medicine stone and me and my spirit guide working on her. we woke up and we went to the children's hospital. 

The echocardiogram went on for about an hour, they took 60 pictures of our baby's heart and then we waited alone in a room for the results of the exam. The doctor came in and she smiled, the heart of your baby is perfect, there is no hole. there is nothing to be afraid of. 

WOW we started breathing again after two horrible weeks. I don't know what actually happened, I cannot say. Was it the medicine stone journey or was the first doctor way wrong? Whatever, I just feel I had to thank you and I also thank Alessandra Previdi, our dear friend who thought so much of me and introduced me to your work. Thank You,


Class Schedule

  • April 22-23 - Winston Salem, NC

  • May 6-7 - Abingdon, VA

Contact Raymon at raymon@raymongrace.us for location information and to register.

Comments From Our Friends Around The World

  • Thank you because I am really feeling the benefits of your daily clearing subscription. Things are on a more even keel where before we used to have great lows and the energy felt awful. I used to have to go and hide at it's worst and not felt the need to do that since I signed up!  ~~H~~ from UK

  • Clearings changing my life for the better, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  Autoimmune, thyroid big issue, colon, liver, spleen pancreas, lungs, heart, gut, etc. Releasing childhood fear, lies, anger suppressed, hurt, codependency crap, more grounding, healthier boundaries more than before clearings began. Appreciative of support.

Blessings always.  Say hi to April. She is precious. ~~~ M.

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Energy Clearing Information

Some of you have been asking. 'What is included in the Energy Clearing’? 
This is a fair question but it would take a LONG time to answer each of you and I don’t have time to write long emails. I take time to do the work ~but not send an explanation to everyone who asks.
The problem with answering questions is~~when I give a short simple answer, people write back and say, ’What do you mean by that?’
So to give a brief answer to your questions of what is included the Energy Clearing, am going to tell you the important parts.
I neutralize the 'Problem Package’  16 items as of now, on everyone and your homes and animals. 
I put your bodies, home and animals on the proper frequency. 
I do a soul retrieval for those needing it
I get your brains spinning correctly
I transform negative emotions into LOVE in your body and home~~to help you get along better
I help you to feel wanted at birth ~~if you didn’t feel that way ~And many of you didn’t 
I neutralize the negative effect of ancestors on you
I neutralize the negative effects of abuse of your ancestors by governments and religions, This is an epidemic.
I neutralize the self sabotage, self punishment and self defeat mental programs
I give THANKS for you being at the right place and time
I give THANKS for you being aware of danger and avoiding the danger
I give THANKS for you receiving the best possible outcome on any problems you have.
I work to clean up your drinking water and have good tasting water flowing from your kitchen faucet.
Sometimes I add other things that come to mind.
I started working on removing the harmful substances from your food & drink. This seemed to DOUBLE the energy of your body. 
Total is about 30 items I address EVERY morning for ALL of you who signed up.

One of my friends grew a field of hemp and VA Tech processed it into hemp oil [CBD oil]. I spoke with a knowledgable person in Switzerland who had researched it and found it among the best available anywhere and priced reasonably. 
If you are interested in this, here is the website.  www.clinchmountainhemp.com