February, 2023 Edition
Five Life Skills You Take Away From Theatre

Submitted by David Downing
Author: Jordana Kulak

I enjoy sharing these reminders of why what we do is important. I would encourage anyone to share this article with administrators, parents, colleagues, and anyone who questions the importance of Creative Drama
Internships: Training Programs Work to Become More Equitable

Submitted by: Steven House
Author Stefanie Maiya Lehmann

"Internships, the base of many peoples shift from school to the professional world. In the best of all possible worlds this should be a wonderful and educational transition from academia to the student’s professional life. Ideally learning hands on knowledge about their chosen field in a 9-5 workday as opposed to school’s breakup of classes, breaks, and rehearsals. There have been waves of work adjusting internships from grunt work and coffee runs back to their original idealized roots. In this Winter’s edition of Southern Theatre it includes the article “Internships: Training Programs Work to Become More Equitable.”

From author Stefanie Maiya Lehmann “theatres have begun taking note of the inequality of asking interns to work for free or at a very low salaries and to endure “grunt work” rather than benefit from on-the-job learning about theatre. In the pages that follow, we share the thoughts of company representatives who participated in a Southern Theatre survey, as well as the perspectives of two past interns on their experiences and what needs to change.”
The Importance of Community Theatre

Submitted by: Matt Johnson

Community theatre. The foundation of the theatrical industry. It has existed in our country for nearly 150 years, and even longer in other countries. Many of the biggest names in the industry began their work in some form of community theatre, as have many movie stars throughout the years. 

Sunday, Feb. 26 from 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Oak View Center, Oak Lawn

Sunday, Feb. 26 from 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Oak View Center, Oak Lawn
Let’s get to know the Secondary Representatives for this year! More events are coming this year so be sure to pay attention to the ITA site and newsletters. 

Submitted by: Mark Begovich


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