February 2023


Theresa Vanna & Birdley James elected to

lead SGP Partnership

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications, today announced the election of new officers. The SGP Executive Committee for 2023-2024:

  • Theresa Vanna, Primex Plastics Corporation, Chair 
  • Birdley James, Miller Zell, Chair Elect
  • Marci Kinter, Secretary & Vice Chair Technical
  • Doreen Monteleone, Ph.D., D2 Advisory Group/FTA, Treasurer
  • Jonathan Graham, Past Chair
  • William Mansfield, Eastman Kodak Co., Vice Chair Marketing
  • Calvin Lakhan, Ph.D., York University, Vice Chair Academic
  • George Fuchs, NAPIM, Vice Chair Technology
  • Jodi Sawyer, FLEXcon, Vice Chair Engagement

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Theresa Vanna

Theresa Vanna of Primex Plastics is the new chair of SGP Partnership. Theresa has been active on the board in various roles since 2008.

Birdley James of Miller Zell is chair elect and leading the Sustainability Champion award committee.

New SGP Directors

With the recent election of new officers, the SGP Board of Directors brought on new leadership. “Our new board members are set to add significant value to our important work in sustainability and printing certifications,” said Theresa Vanna, newly elected SGP Chair. “We are honored to be able to add them to our already stellar board as we work to accelerate our progress in understanding and helping members comply with the growing number of producer-responsibility legislative actions around the globe.”

The new board members, all professionals dedicated to supporting the journey to a more sustainable future, include:

  • Julie Brannen, Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.
  • Thomas Dahbura, Hub Labels, Inc.
  • Todd Ebersole, Forge Graphic Works
  • Michael Dillon, Meyers Printing 
  • Mark Howard, Syracuse Label & Surround Printing
  • Gary Jones, PRINTING United Alliance
  • Kristine Peterson, 3M

Returning SGP Board Members include:

  • Frank Bailey, Smyth Companies
  • Rosalyn Bandy, TLMI
  • Sean Carr, H& H Global
  • Ben Covert, Piedmont Plastics
  • Suzanna Eversole, REI
  • George Gilsan, Appalachian State University
  • Nicole Papadakis, Laird Plastics
  • Bryan Rose, Cooley Group
  • Kristin Spanier, Shawmut Communications Group

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