February 2023 Newsletter

To give aid and encouragement in promoting the education and welfare of at-risk children in the state of Georgia.

Circle Members,

Thank you to those who have already committed to sponsoring A Night at the Met, signed up for auction baskets, and offered to help. Please continue carving out your role in making our gala fundraiser a success! We have a additional way to contribute by donating money for unique auctions items. Check out the Auction section of the newsletter for more details.

I also hope to see you at our Winter Meeting on February 15. Read on for information on what we will collect at the meeting for our beneficiary.

This month, on February 11, we celebrate the 96th anniversary of The Circle. At the turn of the 20th century the area around Tallulah Gorge was neglected by the state of GA. It was, to use a more modern term, a marginalized community receiving little in the way of private or pubic investment. The small population of people living in poverty across a wide area had access to one school room. It was a small, drafty space above a jail that held classes for only three months during the year. It was a long walk for most children and attendance was sporadic.

The women who went on to start Tallulah Falls school and form The Circle noticed the extreme poverty and educational void while summering in the mountains. They started offering classes to the local children on their front porches. Their efforts at fundraising grew into supporting a school and a campus and 75 years after the founding of The Circle the school was no longer dependent on our assistance. Since the 1990s we have supported other forgotten groups of children including infants born with drug addictions, foster kids, trafficked girls, and young people needing institutionalized mental health services.

Currently our fundraising efforts are for City of Refuge to support their resident and community children's programs. City of Refuge, like the early Circle members, serves a marginalized community in the 30314 zip code that suffers from decades of disinvestment. The 30314 zip code has the highest rates of poverty, teen pregnancy, and incarceration in the state.

At the turn of the 19th century the 30314 was vibrant with local businesses serving a stable working class population. It was, and is, home to Friendship Baptist Church, the first black-Baptist church in Atlanta. If you drive around the area you will notice that the now boarded up old homes would have been quite charming in their heyday, with ornate wood trim and welcoming porches. 

Then the area was redlined. You are likely familiar with the term. Redlining was a process during the 1930s and 40s to categorize lending risk in different neighborhoods.  Redlining was not part of Jim Crow; it occurred not only in the south but across the country. Areas rated “D” and shown as red on related maps were unable to secure mortgages for homes and lending for businesses. Some of the criteria for ratings appears objective; areas with parks were more highly rated, for example, and public green space is an amenity that adds to home value. However, race was also a criteria used in redlining leading to a disproportionate impact on both black neighborhoods and also more diverse neighborhoods with large black populations.

The impact of redlining lingers today because home ownership & business development is an important part of building wealth and sustaining communities. If people in a neighborhood can’t get loans they can’t benefit from home value appreciation, start businesses to employ local residents, or pass assets on to the next generation. They can become trapped in a cycle of community and family decay. On average, as of 2018 Atlanta neighborhoods that were redlined had home values $50K less then neighborhoods that were not redlined, even when controlling for differences in types of housing and amenities. Formerly redlined neighborhoods are also more likely to remain segregated and have higher rates of poverty.

City of refuge is working to blunt the impact of decades of disinvestment child by child and family by family, offering care and shelter, job training, and paths to home ownership. Hellen Keller said “Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with a sense of responsibility of each other’s welfare, social justice can never be obtained”. The founders of The Circle felt that sense of responsibility, as we do today. The organizations we support change over time while the legacy of caring, giving and moving toward more justice remains.

Happy Anniversary to us, and thank you for being part of The Circle!

Belinda Vogel


Click Here for the Full Calendar of events!


Valentine Pottery Class

(Jr. Social) 

Thursday, February 9

Winter General Meeting

Wednesday, February 15 11AM

Bingo Night at City of Refuge

(volunteer event)

Thursday February 16

4:45 - 6:00 pm


A Night at the Met Gala

Sunday, March 19

6:00 - 10:00 pm


Junior Social: Spring Yoga

Monday, April 3

Spring Fling at City of Refuge

Volunteer Event

Friday, April 7

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Executive Board Meeting

Monday, April 24


Spring General Meeting

Thursday, May 4

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2023 GALA



The time is NOW! A Night at the Met will be a wonderful philanthropic celebration benefitting The City Of Refuge. Please email Heatherrees27@gmail.com if you did not receive your invitation in the mail. We are asking that each member invite two additional people to the event. You can email Heather with the number of extra invitations you would like. This is how we work to fundraise for our cause. 

The Sponsorship Packet is downloadable by clicking here. If you would like an emailed pdf version or a hard copy to give to people who may want the opportunity to support The City of Refuge, please email heatherreees27@gmail.com

Together we will make a difference in the lives of at-risk children in Georgia in 2023.  

Purchase Your Gala Tickets


The Gala Auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We ask that every member contributes in some way: donate a basket, partner with friends on a basket, solicit the donation of a high value item, or donate to the auction buying fund.

We would like to raise $1000 to add some unique bourbon items to the auction. Susan Fulkerson has a friend who is a bourbon expert and is willing to donate his time for a bourbon tasting experience to be auctioned to the highest bidder. He provided a tasting at the Patron Party last year and is very knowledgeable. The more funds we receive the better the bourbon and the tasting experience. This is an easy way for those members who haven't contributed to a basket yet to donate cash and not have to worry about thinking of a basket idea and shopping for the items. If you are interested in contributing, please email Susan at sfulkerson6@gmail.com . You can make your donation on the payment page - scroll down to the Auction Buying Fund box. These donations are tax deductible.

You may sign up for a basket using Sign Up Genius. View suggested basket descriptions here. You're welcome to come up with your own ideas. Email VP of auction, Pat Iaffaldano and let her know what you have in mind.

We are also always looking for stand-alone items—items that may have significant

value that should not be bundled with anything else, e.g., jewelry, aesthetic treatments, artwork, sports memorabilia, experiences. And, of course, vacation homes or trips which tend to sell well and go for high prices.

Please print out copies of the attached materials to present to potential donors when you request a donation. The details of the item donated is important for our records and listing and it is important to them for their tax records.

The more items we can procure, the more money we can raise for City of Refuge, so ASK,


Thank you,

Pat Iaffaldano

Auction Chair

Click Here to Sign Up for an Acution Basket



Cost is $51.00 

Reservations and RSVP made through CIRCLE4CHILDREN.ORG/PAYMENT

or contact Jennie Johnson for options 678-595-7064

Wine/Champagne cost $12.00 cash purchase at reservation desk check in only

Donation list for City of Refuge:

        All Sizes of diapers, pull ups, nighttime diapers, adult diapers, and baby wipes. They may be brought to the meeting or dropped off at Che' Frost's home.

RSVP with Payment

RSVP by emailing Kristen Graham or Kalen McDonald.



This year's past president's luncheon was great fun! Lots was discussed, including the history of The Circle for Children and the beginnings of planning for the 100 year anniversary celebration that will occure in 2027!

Pop-up social event at Board and Brush in Marietta yesterday!



Thursday, February 16

4:45 to 6:00 pm

City of Refuge

1300 Joseph E. Boone Blvd. NW

Atlanta, GA 30314

Sign up on the City of Refuge Circle calendar. Please arrive by 4:45pm Because of Atlanta traffic you may want to target a 4:30pm arrival 

New year, new chances to make an impact!

Register for the 2023 Refuge Run 5k taking place on March 18, 2023, and run shoulder to shoulder with us through Atlanta's historic westside as we bring light, hope, and transformation to the surrounding community.

Whether you walk, run, or participate virtually, your race will impact several people transitioning out of crisis on our campus. Register now and together we can change lives!


The Circle is thrilled to have 30 new members this year! We introduced many of the new members at our meeting in November at The City of Refuge. Since then we have added several more. We will be spotlighting several new members over the next few months in our newsletters. A great big welcome goes out to these new members:

Martha Altieri

Mary Beall

Natalie Bode

Sarah Kate Bruce

Wilma Bunch

Nicole Busler

Ruth Carol Chitwood

Terry Clark

Lori Anne Collins

Kayla Dicus

Marci Dobbins

Sarah Jane Fletcher

Ellen Foster

Suzi Goodman

Susan Grant

Hannah Holcomb

Kaitlin Holman

Alyson Horn

Kelsey Jackson

Sterling Lanken

Abigail Lemmy

Teresa Lemmy

Jennifer Michaels

Chantelle Noble

Stacey Porter

Holly Scardino

Amber Strong

Sarah Szymke

Pam Trompeter

Nancy VanGorp

Katherine Wright

Our gratitude to the amazing artist that helped us complete our Devereux Dorm project. They added a beautiful serene landscape mural and tree to add color and interest to the common area. A huge thank you to these talented ladies with big hearts, who generously gave of their time:

Pam Jordon , Circle Past President

Pam Smith, Adrienne Rodder, Cindy Fox and Nancy Armstrong.

Please go on to Devereux' instagrams to check out their work. https://www.instagram.com/devereuxga/

Access the Directory online with new Password! The directory of active Circle members can now be viewed on our website.

For the privacy of all members, the directory is password protected. You can access the directory under the membership tab on the website.

Alyson Horn Feb 3

Chantelle Noble Feb 7

Janie Kissling Feb 8

Natalie Bode Feb 9

Pam Jordan Feb 10

Debbie Cohan Feb 19

Belinda Vogel Feb 28

If your birthday (month and day) is not in the Circle directory, please email that information. We would love to acknowledge that special day.

Circle Celebration Fund
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Circle Correspondence
Please send any Circle Correspondence to thecircle4children@gmail.com for announcements of births, loss of loved ones, outstanding events or illnesses. Please include the individual's address so the corresponding secretary can send the appropriate correspondence. Also, indicate if the information should be posted in the newsletter.

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