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February 2022


Let's Shake off the Old Year and

Bring in the Water Tiger of 2022




Your Year of the Tiger Forecast

Based on the Ancient Science of the I Ching

By: Dr. Mao Shing Ni 

Welcome to 2022, the Chinese Year of the Tiger!

The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar calendar, thus the first day of the Tiger year officially will begin on February 1, 2022! The 2022 Year of the Tiger is influenced by the elements of Water and Wood. Water and Wood are two elements that are in harmony—Water nourishes Wood, enabling its germination and growth. When the elements of the year are in harmony, the general state reflects balance and congruence. The Wood Element is the mother of the Fire Element which engenders warmth, excitement, and positive energy. 2022 is likely to be a year of healing and recovery from the pandemic that paralyzed and caused so much despair throughout the world. 

The world will breathe a sigh of relief in 2022 as the Covid pandemic recedes into the periodic ebbs and flows of an endemic. There will be more optimism and continued economic growth, albeit uneven due to inflationary pressures, the “great resignation” and rising interest rates. More effort will be made toward peaceful resolutions and harmonious co-existence among people and politics. However, in an unpredictably aggressive tiger year, one should brace for unexpected conflicts and turmoil.
Take care of your Liver and Kidney health…

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Dr. Mao's Water Tiger Message for 2022

Dr. Dao's Favorite Chinese Fable

Chinese New Years Celebration Feb 6th

Meditation Offering at New Years Celebration

International Taoist Meditation Courses starting March

2022 College of Tao Retreat April

Unlimited Life Chuang Tzu Reading Group

Weight Wellness Qigong March

5 Element TCM Cooking Class March

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The Frog at the Bottom of the Well

Dr. Daoshing Ni

Jing Di Zhi Wa, or The Frog at the Bottom of the Well, is one of my favorite Chinese fables. It is from Zhuang Zi, an ancient book of anecdotes, allegories, and parables that demonstrate the core principles of Taoist philosophy. My own interpretation of the story is not an exact translation from the original, but the message is the same. You may have heard me speak of the frog in the past, but I think it is well worth repeating – finding our place in life and searching for human happiness is a worthy endeavor for us all.


Dr Daoshing Ni and Dr Mao Shing Ni, The Yo San University Student Association, & The College of Tao cordially invite you to join us in celebrating the Year of the Tiger!

Sunday, February 6, 2022

10:00 AM-12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

To attend online, join via zoom. 

link will be available at Collegeoftao.org  on the morning of the event

No registration is necessary 

In person attendance is Full at this time

In person Attendees must show proof of vaccination in either physical or digital form, or provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72-hours before the event.

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Regrow, Revitalize, and Regenerate

“Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain“ 

April 27, 2022 through May 1st, 2022

with optional class day on April 26th

The Royal Way Spiritual Center 

The Ranch

8088 High Road

  Lucerne Valley, CA 92356 

Retreat, comfortable lodging, and organic meals all included in one low price. See details at


Dear Friends,

Are you ready for the Tiger? Now it's Time to allow the energy of the Water Tiger to flow within you with a sense of freedom and more inner peace and balance.

This is the perfect opportunity for personal spiritual growth and physical revitalization at the 2022 College of Tao

in- person Retreat.

We can't think of a safer place to be than the Royal Way Retreat Site. And it's absolutely beautiful. A secluded, peaceful Oasis in the middle of the high dessert. Natural Spring wells provide all the water needed for the gardens, ponds, and streams. Walking paths take you to many areas of beauty and opportunities for reflection. April is a time when everything is in bloom.


Retreat Schedule on Website: Collegeoftao.org

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” —Lao Tzu

Please Join Us
Go to the College of Tao Website to sign up Now
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Pay Here for Chuang Tzu Reading Group

     2 Classes in March 

    offered by Amira Kusala

      Certified through Chi Health 

      Certified TCM Nutrition

   Weight Wellness Qigong 

 Ni family tradition

10 Thursday classes 9 to 10 - $100

March 17 – May 19, 2022

🍀Register & Pay at Collegeoftao.org


    Swimming dragon, acupressure massage & more.

🐉Chinese dragons are beneficial omens of prosperity & longevity. 🐲


5 Element TCM Cooking – 

Spring Session 


1 class - 3 hrs - $90

       March 27th 🌱 9AM – Noon. 

     🍀Register & Pay at Collegeoftao.org



Every Sunday at 7 am PST, Dr. Mao Shing Ni invites you to join in a spiritual renewal ceremony followed by a talk on how to apply the wisdom of the Integral Way to the Five Healths—healthy body, mind/spirit, relationship, work and finance. On alternate Sundays James Tuggle shall lead the Sunday Renewal sessions free for the College of Tao community.
Friends and family are welcome.
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Meeting ID: 136 428 813
Password: 006090
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Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/abp1aNfWIK


Taoist February Horoscope

In Chinese Medicine, February is a Wood Element month; the first month of spring's energy, providing an abundance of momentum to kick off endless growth and prosperity. Chinese New Year will begin on February 1 and in the US, we will observe Black History Month, Valentine's Day, President’s Day, and National Wear Red Day to support women’s heart health. While some Elements might find new love, others may gain new careers or re-ignite old passions. Check out your personal element to find out exactly what the Chinese horoscope has in store for you and what to expect from the first month of the Year of the Tiger!

Horoscope by Element

Quiz Link:to determine your Element click below 

Find your Element

Taoist Horoscope Link for February: 

Your Horoscope



Observe yourself closely and you will see which part of your being reflects light and which part reflects darkness.”

 “Uncharted Voyage Toward The Subtle Light” (page 57)- Hua-Ching Ni

Living far away from your Integral Friends and wanting to stay connected to the Tradition? Join the Integral Way Friends mailing list. Weekly inspirational quotes into your inbox and warm conversation. 

Email: Jono Howard at: jono9@shaw.ca to get signed up.


Teaching from the Sunlight

by Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

Master Ni, Hua-Ching, the 37th-generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Taoist Healing Arts, has written many well-known books on spirituality. Led by Dr. Dao, our monthly tele-study group is open to everyone. There is a wide range of experience in this group from newcomers to long-term participants. Together, we will explore Master Ni’s writings. Participants take turns to select a passage from his books so that as a group, we can delve into the meanings of his writings and how we can apply this knowledge into our daily lives.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2022 | 5:30 - 6:30 PM PST



This month’s reading, offered by Joy Grant, is from Teaching from the Sunlight, Chapter 2, pages 20-30, ‘The Sun was the Early Model for Public Leadership’, supplemented by the commentaries in Chapter 4, pages 38-46, ‘Duty of Cleansing the 9 Houses of Life’.

The topic is Healthy Leadership, both internal and external. Around 4000 years ago the Great Yu developed a model for all public leadership in life, which was inspired by the 9 houses and octagon derived from the Lo Su diagram. Later, during the Shang Dynasty, this guidance was elucidated by Ji Zi when his King requested advice on the healthiest way for the people to live while helping each other. OmNi suggests, page 28, that this approach is also a model for personal life at any time, and especially during dark times, and offers further guidance in the commentaries found in the above chapters. It was also the inspiration for the ‘Five Healths’ book.

• Which guidance do you think is the most relevant in today’s society and your own life?

• How can we practice the suggestion in the second essential matter on page 29 to both ‘live quietly during dark times’ while undertaking ‘the moral duty to help others’ during these times?

This book may be purchased on the Wellness Living Store website at: www.taostar.com. If you have any questions,please contact Peter Stege at: pstege@hotmail.com

Dr Dao.jpg

DR. DAOSHING NI, Dr. Dao, is a 38th generation doctor of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, holds two doctorates in Oriental Medicine and was awarded the American Fertility Association’s Dr. Joyce Vargyas Visionary Award. Dr. Dao has appeared on the Today Show, provided numerous news/magazine interviews, and is a best-selling author,

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 Xin-Chou (Ox)  

Year Pillar: Ren Yin (壬 寅) Water Tiger  

The Seasonal Periods:

 Chinese Lunar New Year - Tuesday, February 1

New Moon in Aquarius, in Europe - Tuesday, February 1

(January 31 in USA)


The Beginning of Spring - Friday, February 4

Mercury Direct - Friday, February 4


Valentine’s Day - Monday, February 14


Lantern Festival - Tuesday, February 15


Full Moon February 16 - 8:59am PST

Seasonal Period Rain Water (Yu Shui) - Wednesday, February, 18,19


We invite you all to join us:

Every other Sunday Morning @ 8:15 AM Pacific Standard time, continuing February 13th following the Sunday Renewal to carry on our lively discussion of the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. James Tuggle guides our exploration of this helpful resource that connects us with the universal cycles and living in harmony and balance with the flow of nature.

Please join Zoom Meeting Here

If any questions, please contact Courtney 2bcourtneycole@gmail.com 




Internal Sufficiency

Recently, the Sisters were invited to reflect on the statement by Hua Ching Ni (OmNi) that: Internal sufficiency is a spiritual power; it is a much greater power than being with someone.

Emotional, physical and worldly pressures often move us to attend outside of ourselves for satisfaction in the forms and pleasures of others and things. How different a pathway we take when guided by the Way to internal sufficiency by appreciating, developing and elevating our inner energies to harmonize with the essence of Universal Life.

Being internally sufficient, or internally content, we no longer seek to be filled by others or things. We are thus free to enjoy others and things, wholeheartedly, and without impractical and unnatural bargains


Our Next Sister's Meeting: Saturday

February 20th 3:30 PM PST USA 

February 19th 7:30 AM Perth Australia

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Brothers Meeting


To Join our next Tao Men's Group Please click link below

Time: February 27, 2022 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Free virtual study group on zoom!

It's not too late to Join


Amira invites you to join our

Ongoing Free monthly

Integral Way Study Group

The Complete Works of Lao Tzu 

as elucidated by Hua-Ching Ni

Tao Teh Ching and the Hua Hu Ching

This book is the specific translation we will use and can be purchased at www.taostar.com

5:00 PM-6:00 PM PST

On Zoom every 1st Wednesday of the month

Zoom Link Study Group

Plum Blossom.png

In the tenth moon, plum blossoms bloom,

Awaiting the early arrival of spring. 

If inanimate things can predict nature’s Way, 

It would be folly for us not to follow the Tao. 

                                      Lu, Tung Ping

p 123, The Taoist Inner View by Hua-Ching Ni

Please join us for the 2022 College of Tao Retreat at

April 26/27thru May 1st 2022

Royal Way Spiritual Center Lucerne Ca


(Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain)



College of Tao

13315 Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles, Ca 90066

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