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Reboot Triathlon

We still don’t know what 2021 holds for racing – unfortunately, the 1st quarter races are being moved to later in the fall (or transfers to other races).

However, we are being optimistic and are working on plans to ‘reboot triathlon’ this year! We have submitted permits to have four events:
  • April 3rd
  • June 12th
  • July 11th
  • August 28th

In addition, we are working on some other event plans to be held in Lake Las Vegas … stay tuned!

None of us can predict how 2021 will play out. Looking back on 2020, part of the difficulty of training for races was the uncertainty at a magnitude never before seen. My race days go back to the 80’s and I can’t think of a single race that I was registered for that was cancelled or postponed … it just was never anything I experienced.

Now that we have the experience of 2020, however, I think our mindset is much more aligned with the uncertainty that is with us as 2021 has started.

For 2021, we are going to focus on being fit and ready to race and being in control of our training. Our club moto for this year is: “Let’s make it happen!” … #letsmakeithappen

We are going forward with plans for our tri-club events. Remember, you need to have an active membership with the club and all events are free.

We will open registration probably 1 week before the event. Presently, the National Park has a cap of 50 people – but we might be able to expand to 100.

As you prepare for our events as well as other events, be sure to read Coach Nancy Jones’ ‘Coaching Corner’. Also, check out our new feature ‘Safety Zone’ written by Amanda (Baker) Wolpink.

Also check out our online store (link below) for the LVTC Tri Club kits and accessories. Store is open until midnight February 22nd.

I really hope to toe the start line with you all in 2021 at one (or all!) of our club events!

Socials/Training Events/Education
Unofficial Strava Duathlon
A very special congratulations to everyone who braved the winds this weekend, as at some points it truly was brutal out there.
~Tedd Girouard

Here are the results from Strava.
Rank - Name - Run Time - Bike Time - Total Time
Tedd Girouard 19:37:00 27:13:00 46:50:00
Chris Fetter 20:10:00 29:51:00 50:01:00
Randall Lomax 21:09:00 28:59:00 50:08:00
4 Paul Hayes 22:10:00 32:41:00 54:51:00
5 Sergei Vasilyev 24:54:00 33:16:00 58:10:00
6 Chad Hanson 23:18:00 36:50:00 60:08:00
Terri Buryanova 26:19:00 35:09:00 61:28:00
8 John Mercer 25:22:00 38:10:00 63:32:00
Julie Marschner 27:39:00 36:40:00 64:19:00
10 Dennis Nelson 30:31:00 33:56:00 64:27:00
11 Michael Loy 31:25:00 49:36:00 81:01:00
LeAnn Lomax 33:25:00 49:41:00 83:06:00
13 Nadia louhichi 33:36:00 50:00:00 83:36:00
14 Annastayzia Wilson32:47:00 56:58:00 86:45:00
15 Robert Yoon 32:08:00 58:41:00 90:49:00
16 Louise Hesse 48:46:00 NA NA
Coaches Corner:

This coach can’t help but smile while witnessing our community’s athletes stoic and steadfast in their training. It's a blurred abyss defining our race season reality. I venture to attribute the dedication to a silent partner- The inner ‘Type-A’ Gremlin working alongside many a triathlete can be a real ‘motivator’ (in all ways of the word).  

This character should remain in check for many reasons, this instance for injury prevention.  A solid training plan with smart cycles/drops will suffice. Although, what if that plan follows the pattern of the latest ‘abyss’? Starting, stopping, starting. No certainty in beginning. Ending. Recovery.  

I face this issue with my athletes like crazy. ‘Your runner’s high is at your ankles’. ‘Your tissue thinks you hate it’. ‘Play Checkers only this week.’ Luckily my brainiac husband, Max Jones, helps me with his expertise in just that- brain gains for our athletes.  

Our position on the indefinite training cycles surrounding fleeting races is this-
Take a break from the tissue breakdown you’re constantly delivering. Pick up something heavy and/or devise a resistance training program. Work on neurological gains to give your tissue a chance to recover and improve overall performance. Here’s how: 
  • Quick resistance training movements or even something like a short explosive hill climb, provoke neural adaptations which include the brain’s ability to recruit more muscles. 
  • This somewhat ‘alien to endurance athletes’ activity stimulates neurological system to improve overall better movement mechanics vs the same ol’ aerobic/anaerobic systems at which we are already pros at crushing. 
  • Perceptual gains during normal endurance training are in abundance once retaining the brain work. Stronger? Stuff just feels (and is!) easier! 
  • New coordination improving activity is high intensity, and short to create a nice little balance-intensity will recruit muscle for future endeavors, while brief period keeps lactate monster or ‘full leg of acid’ response away. WINNING!

~Nancy Jones
Safety Corner

Race Season Prep Safety Tips

With hopeful thoughts about races coming up soon on our schedules, it’s best to be mentally and physically prepared. Here are a few tips to help you develop a safer approach to race season:

Get Used to New Gear
  • Now is the perfect time try out that new gear! Training loads are smaller, and so you can test out new shoes, bikes, pedals, etc. without risking the loss of an important workout.
  • Test out new goggles and other gear in the pool that you plan on using for races. Consider bringing backup goggles in case you need to find the best fit. 
  • Bike fits are a great way to ensure that your bike has proper form before your next race. Fixing your fit can possibly eliminate soreness or numbness and improve your overall comfort (and sometimes SPEED!).

Practice Race Nutrition
  • Begin to introduce any new nutritional intake. Test a variety of options to see which works best for your body now and as summer heats up. Be sure to incorporate on-course nutrition options as a backup in case your plans fail.

Training Outside
  • As we begin to train more outside, be sure to carry personal ID and emergency contacts any time you go out to train. Inform others of your location and how long you’ll be out training so that someone has an idea of your approximate whereabouts. 

  • Product Corner: Road ID is a low-cost way to carry identification, contacts, and in some cases your medical history.

 Hope this week’s Safety Corner is helpful and STAY SAFE tri friends!
~Amanda Wolpink

Prez Corner:


What road blocks do you need to overcome to do a triathlon? I have thoroughly enjoyed our Las Vegas Triathlon Club Member Spotlights because I get to hear the stories from our members as to why they became involved with triathlon. A common thread amongst all the Spotlights has been either over coming some challenge or taking on a new challenge.

A unique aspect of triathlon history are the many stories of people overcoming challenges to meet a goal. Of course, there are the iconic Ironman finishes where we see athletes push themselves to the
brink of disaster … sometimes crawling across a finish line.

Triathlon presents a physical and mental challenge that people are drawn to. You have to train in a way
to successfully complete three very different sports. Of course, since you are reading this newsletter, you already know that! But it is amazing to stop and think that so many people are looking for that physical and mental challenge in a sport that you are already immersed in.

It is easy to lose sight of the awesomeness of your achievements in triathlon! In the Spotlight conversations, it is so great to hear the wonderful stories of our members reflecting on their triathlon
Some of my favorite questions to ask are:
- Why did you sign up for that first triathlon?
- What were some of the challenges that you overcame in that first race?
- What has been your proudest moment?

As you read this piece, stop and think back to your first race, the challenges you overcame, and your proudest moment.
Reflecting on these can often help further motivate us to train for that next event!

Maybe you haven’t done your first race yet … maybe 2021 is the year! In that case, realize that we all had a first race. We all have had the doubts leading up to the start line. And … like you will … overcoming challenges is part of the appeal of triathlon.

In 2021, although our race season is still uncertain, take control over your fitness. Take control over your training. We will Reboot Triathlon!


~John Mercer
The Las Vegas Triathlon Club Gear Store

Hurry, Limited Time! Store closes Feb. 22 at midnight.
We will be using Voler again for this year's kit. The design will be the same as last year, but Voler has upgraded their one piece kit to a full-zip top. We have also added some additional items. Act fast, the store is only open for a limited time.

To access it use the below link.

Happy Shopping!!
Where in the World Has Our TRI Club Raced ?

Check out the map below to see where our athletes have raced!
LVTC Member Spotlight

Get to know our club members as our President sits down with the following members to talk about tris and life.

  • Paul Geldziler
  • Kathy May

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The Evidence-Based Triathlete

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  • The foam roller
  • Swimming Injuries
  • The Garage: Bike Anatomy
Sports Research and Innovation – Physical Therapy

  • The Science of Marathon
  • Dr. Beren Shah
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