Volume 29 | Feb 2021
January 2021 Spiritual Message
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
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Deepen your relationships!
Our relationships in life bring us the most enduring joy and at the same time they present us with the biggest challenges and opportunity for growth.

While it may not seem like it, we come together in our relationships in a perfectly matched way, kind of like a lock and key. With some people in our lives it's like we are walking down the same pathway together. Yet with others, the opposing dynamics offer a space of tremendous learning and growth. In any form, our relationships provide us with a reflection of ourselves, as well as insight into another, as we move along the ever changing river of life.

How can we deepen our most important relationships and bring harmony into the more challenging ones?

Communication is the key.

Acknowledge feelings. Human beings want their feelings to be acknowledged. On any day we might ask "how are you?" Notice if you take time to look at them in the eye -- and really listen to the response.

It is easy to ask the question and then continue opening the mail or walk out of the room to get something. But listening to someone share their thoughts and feelings is one of the most powerful ways to show we care about them. Our inner feelings are windows into the soul. Listening and validating another person's feelings allows them to be authentic and expressed. Inviting them to say more and really listening creates that sense of connection we all crave.

On the other side of the coin, are you able to talk about your most inner life with your partner, friend or loved one? Some people are naturally less expressed than others. Using the lock and key example again, some of us may be good listeners but less comfortable sharing close held thoughts and feelings. If someone who walks away after asking them "how are you", it is a message that the answer doesn't matter. If this happens frequently, these people begin to feel like they don't matter. They may start putting their inner self on the shelf with that person. Then their connection begins to diminish.

Create space for connection

Ask for what you need. Good listeners may not be good at "getting listened to". They can help bring balance into their conversations by asking their loved ones for what they really need. In long standing relationships it is easy to get into a routine, to have expectations, or preconceived ideas about what someone's behavior means. Simply stating, "I have something I'd like to talk to you about". "Can we sit down and take a moment", sets the tone for conversation and connection time away from distractions.

Scheduling regular times for sharing and listening may help create the balance we seek. My partner and I used this idea when busyness seemed to be claiming our close connection. Planning 15 minute daily visits of listening and sharing restored intimacy and transformed our communication space.

Sharing our most inner thoughts and feelings deepens our relationships. When we can share our true and authentic selves, we feel loved, seen and heard. Why not bring the gift of connection into your most important relationships with heartfelt, engaging conversations?

Blessings to each of you on your journey,

Special Announcement!!
Energetic Spiritual Academy,
a personal development program
Introducing a new spiritual and personal development program designed to energize, enrich and transform your life!

What is it?

Energetic Spiritual Academy is a series of 7 week modules based on the empowering concepts of intention and attention. The program teaches self-healing meditation tools, trust for your intuitive wisdom and growth inspiring concepts in a small group over Zoom.

See below for more information about the program!

Upcoming Events

Energetic Spiritual Academy, a personal growth program

A series of 7-week class modules based on the empowering concepts of using intention and attention to create, shift and release energy. Classes are taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion. Learn to open up your energetic awareness, live from your own truth and create space for the growth and change you desire. 

Module 1 provides a foundation of energy tools to calm, clear and uplift the body, spirit and mind. Module 2 teaches structured tools and formats to expand self-awareness and build trust for your intuition. Modules 3 through 8 provide advanced studies designed to release old patterns that no longer support, broaden your perspectives and prompt new insights to enrich and transform your life.  

Program is sponsored by Althea Center for the Spiritually Engaged.
Classes are taught by Rev. Suzanne Hunt and offered over Zoom 

Healing Meditation Modules:
1 - Energy Awareness
2 - Intuitive Awareness
3 - Relationships
4 – Empowerment
5 – Manifestation
6 – Spiritual Anatomy
7 – Spiritual Growth
8 – Astral Body

Click below for more information about the program
Healing Meditation 1 – Energy Awareness
Wednesday evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish pm MT – over Zoom!
Mar 3 – Apr 14 
Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Energize your spiritual path. 
Learn empowering concepts and tools.

Enter a journey of self-discovery. Open up your self-awareness, live from your own truth and create space for the growth and change you desire. Class is taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion. Great for empaths, healers or anyone looking to expand their capacity to manage energy!

Starts Wed, Mar 3 – over Zoom
    Connect with like-minded souls in a small group limited to 8 people
    Wed evenings for 7 weeks, 6:30 pm to 8:30ish pm MT
    Mar 3 – Apr 14 
    Early registration $99 until Feb 24 ($125 on Feb 25)
    Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Program topics include:
·       How to ground and clear the energy body
·       Open and expand your intuition
·       Learn about energetic boundaries and chakra centers
·       Release what doesn’t support and create more of what does
·       Manifest your goals and dreams
·       Connect with your own spiritual guidance
·       Learn to receive and give spiritual healing
·       Expand your horizons with growth inspiring concepts

What previous students are saying about Healing Meditation:
"I truly enjoyed the class. [These are] the tools that I had been looking for so long."
"Loved the class. So helpful & practical. Already making a difference."
“Wonderful class, very informative.”
“I enjoyed this whole experience. Great to learn to have more control in life's feelings.”

Click below for more information about the class
Healing Meditation 2 – Intuitive Awareness
Saturday mornings for 7 weeks, 10:30 am to 12:30ish pm MT – over Zoom!
March 20 – May 1
Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Energize your spiritual path. Trust your intuition.
Deepen your self-awareness. 

Builds on the foundation of module 1 to expand self-awareness and trust for your intuition. Learn structured formats to perceive your own energy and release what doesn’t support your highest good.  Class is taught through instruction, guided meditation and discussion.  Module 1 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.    

Starts Saturday, Mar 20 – over Zoom
      Connect with like-minded souls in a small group limited to 8 people
      Saturday mornings for 7 weeks, 10:30am to 12:30ish pm MT
      March 20 – May 1
      Early registration $145, until March 14 ($170 on Mar 15)
      Facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Hunt

Program topics include:
      Learn intuitive tools and decision making
      Study energy in the layers in the aura
      Introduction to unconscious belief systems
      Learn to detach from unsupportive outside influences
      Introduction to spiritual agreements in relationships
      Balance female creative energy (for everyone)
      Continue work with spirit guide for healing

Click below for more information about the class
FREE Aura Healing Clinic - Weekly over Zoom!
Sponsored by Center for Center for Inspired Action
Rev. Tanya Ferencak

An Aura healing is an energy clearing, like a psychic shower! During a healing, energy you don’t need to be carrying is cleared out of your space, including energies that block growth and flow. Whether feeling ill or well, anyone can receive a healing, anytime. These clearings are energizing and clear the body – spirit communication, bringing you back in touch with yourself. Join us tonight with the link below!

Center for Inspired Action
Aura Healing Clinic
Every Wednesday 6-7pm CT
• Length: 5 - 20 minutes each
• Contribution: Suggested donation $20 (First time FREE).
* Must log in by 5:45 PM Central Standard Time to receive a healing.
* Participants will first be sent to a waiting room, then called in for their aura healing
* Participants are served on a first come first serve basis.
* Questions? Contact Tanya at 303-547-5458
I am available to schedule clairvoyant reading and healing sessions. Click on the scheduling link below.

Read more information about services at www.EnergeticHealingArts.com
call/text 720.351.3492
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