February 2021
Solar Group Rebate Program for Wisconsin Printers

SGP partners with the Wisconsin Printing Industry Charter members and Arch Electric to offer Wisconsin-based printers the opportunity to join the solar movement with a special rebate.

Help improve the work of SGP in supporting our certified printers with your suggestions.
tesa tape joins SGP as a platinum patron
tesa tape joins other sustainability leaders supporting SGP certification and promoting sustainable business practices.

“We take our responsibility to adhere to sustainable practices to heart,” said Chuck Doyle, sales director, tesa. “As a global company, we work hard to minimize the impact of our business activity on the environment while upholding high quality of life standards for both our planet and people. This is firmly anchored in our business strategy and management practices. We are excited to partner with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership and share SGP’s commitment to aligning the printing industry and its customers in the pursuit of a more accountable sustainable supply chain.”
Marketing Smarter as a Sustainability Leader
Sustainable & Profitable Print Marketing: 3-Part Educational Workshop
How to Waste Less & Sell More by Marketing Smarter Workshop Series by NVENT Marketing the newest SGP Gold Patron

Being a sustainability leader also requires a good marketing program to reach customers. After the feedback from the NVENT Marketing presentation at SGP Community 2020 on digital marketing. SGP is offering its first-ever workshop series.

"Sustainable & Profitable Print Marketing: How to Waste Less & Sell More by Marketing Smarter." The workshop will be given by David Murphy, founder & CEO of Nvent Marketing. The three 90-minute sessions will be held on March 17, 24 & 31 at 1:00 pm ET. They will cover market strategy, brand positioning and demand generation for return on investment (ROI). The cost to participate is $199 for SGP Community Members (SGP Printers, Applicants, Patrons, Resource Partners & Brand Leaders) and $299 for non-members.

New social media campaign
Want to be part of our people of SGP social media campaign? SGP will share quotes from SGP Community members on Twitter and LinkedIn as part of our social media content for 2021.

Please answer these questions & send us a high-resolution portrait (3MB+): info@sgppartnership.org

  1. What is your definition of sustainability?
  2. How does SGP support a more sustainable future?
  3. What are some ways companies can be more sustainable?