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Greetings NTMCA Members!

Happy February! Does it seem like each month is coming around more quickly? We all are navigating this pandemic in different ways; taking care of loved ones, taking extra measures for protection for ourselves and family, missing gatherings with our families and friends, homeschooling and navigating school protocol. Sometimes it is a moving target. Try and take some time to take care of yourself. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, take a walk, call a friend, laugh, and with it being Valentines, smell the roses (or any flower you enjoy). Speaking of laughing, take a look at some new Valentine candy now available.
January Meeting Recap
We had 41 attendees at one point in our virtual January meeting! It is great that the virtual meetings are allowing some of our membership to participate more often. This is a noteworthy benefit to NTMCA membership. Thank you all for attending. The meeting photos have the recording box covering some of you, I am so sorry about that. Town Secretary Tammy Dixon with the Town of Bartonville gave me a tip on how to take a picture without taking a picture, LOL. I will work on that, thank you Tammy!

A big thank you to Senior Public Information Officer Moraima Mcgraw from the City of San Antonio for sharing her experiences with the Public Information Act and providing the membership a cost estimate model to assist us with certain types of requests such as paper vs. electronic and redacting if requestor is inspecting on-site. If you did not receive the cost estimate model, just email me and I am happy to forward. Also, a thank you to Leticia Vacek for recommending Moraima to present to the membership.
February Speaker – Save the Date
February 24, 2021 11:00 a.m.

With the continued high COVID numbers and restricted city travel budgets, our February business meeting is now going to be virtual instead of meeting in person in Azle. This change will not keep us from having a fantastic speaker for the membership though.
Our February speaker is Sandy Potter with Texas Health. Sandy will be presenting information on Self-Care and Mental Fitness during the COVID Pandemic. She shares “the Coronavirus has been in our lives for over a year, and the end is not yet in sight. The social, financial, psychological and physical stressors surrounding the pandemic have been challenging in many ways.  It’s time to take care of yourself. Practicing self-care can help you and your family be better equipped to get through this time together.” Her presentation will focus on ways to get back to normal even if the world around us does not want to cooperate!
Make plans to join us February 24, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. via Webex video conference.
Congratulations to our NTMCA members who received their certification or recertification. We have such an awesome membership!!
Here is your Kindness Korner encouragement for February.

Have you ever wondered what the definition of “success” is? Personally, I think it is subjective. If you would have asked me in my 20’s what is success, it would have most certainly had to do with money and occupation or position. Now.… not in my 20’s….. I would say it is neither. Everyone probably has a different definition of success; in business and/or personally. Knowing our membership, I bet it includes kindness.
This kindness quote relates somewhat to our speaker Sandy’s topic. 

Sincerely, Traci Henderson, President

Please send me your Kindness Korner contributions for the March newsletter.) 
Membership Drive

Member participation is the HEART of our organization and with the start of a new fiscal year now is the time to join or renew your membership. As we have all struggled to navigate through these difficult times of COVID-19, it is the years of diverse knowledge and education within NTMCA that has allowed our chapter members to overcome the challenges. Our chapter is only as strong as our membership and we need your participation as a NTMCA member to tackle 2021! 
The NTMCA Membership Application can be paid through Paypal. Please forward a copy of the application to Christine Green at cgreen@uptexas.org advising her that the dues were paid online. 
In order to take advantage of the member rate for luncheons, members must be up-to-date on their dues.
NTMCA membership affords benefits such as support, education, and networking opportunities through:
  • Meetings in regional chapters of TMCA with your professional counterparts from nearby cities
  • The NTMCA newsletter
  • Exclusive access to the online NTMCA membership directory
NTMCA members also have the opportunity to:
  • Participate in the selection of the North Texas Municipal Clerk of the Year Award
  • Serve on Association committees if eligible
  • Apply for scholarships and travel stipends if eligible
Learn more about NTMCA here: www.ntmca.org

Submitted by Kim Sutter, Committee Chair (Euless)
Lisandra Leal, Committee member (North Richland Hills)
Ways to serve each other!

We have had several members commit to serve our chapter! Please consider sharing your expertise and positive energy. Most committee service is accomplished through email or phone calls. Thank you so much!

  • Audit (2021) – Behind the scenes review – 2 committee positions open
  • Budget – Behind the scenes review – 3 committee positions open
  • Holiday Celebration (2021) – Event Planning – 4 committee positions open
  • Nominating – Promote and Nominate – 1 committee positions open
  • Professional Seminar- Event Planning – 2 committee positions open
  • Bylaws – Forward Thinking – 1 committee positions open

If you have any questions, please call or email Traci Henderson 817.427.6062
CLICK HERE for the application form.
Brief Reminders for Important Dates & Events

  • February 24, 2021 – NTMCA Business Meeting via Video Conference
  • March 25, 2021 – NTMCA Business Meeting via Video Conference
  • April – Professional Seminar - TBD (awaiting survey results)
  • May – No meeting – Elections
  • June 23, 2021 – Awards Banquet - TBD
North Texas Municipal Clerks Association | ntmca@ymail.com | www.ntmca.org

President: Traci Henderson, North Richland Hills | 817-427-6062

Vice-President: Dianna Buchanan, Haslet | 817-439-5931 ext. 102

Treasurer: Christine Green, University Park | 214-987-5302

Secretary: Lindsay Wells, Euless | 817-685-1434

Historian: Alice Holloway, Joshua | 817-675-1405