Triple Heater 5 (TH 5), Wei Guan or the "outer gate," is located directly opposite PC 6 on the yang side of the forearm between the radius and the extensor digitorum communis tendons.  In ancient China, both points were often treated together with a single needle, inserted deep enough to stimulate both points energetically.
It is an important point to release pain and attacks from our environment (cold, chills and fever). It is part of treatments for headaches, dizziness and hypertension . It is also part of l ower back, neck and shoulders, elbow, arm and wrist pain treatments - a good friend and ally during a healing crisis. It is also used when treating chronic dryness of the eyes, lips and mouth.
As the opening point of the Yang Wei Mo (another Extraordinary Vessel), it is used to treat pain in the lateral side of the body (neck, hear, ears, legs) and is good for the treatment of sciatica, tinnitus and shingles .