Dear Good Vibe Tribe,

Happy Valentine's Day Everyday LOVES....

Before my little walk down memory lane, I want to share that CANDY  💜💜💜 HEARTS in this new generation are nothing like the ones I remembered as a kid. I can almost guarantee you could find gluten free ones too.
I went to grade school in the 70's and 80's, lucky me!! 🤗🤓
Messages like "text me" and "tweet me" would have us dumbfounded and we'd probably end up in the principals office with a dictionary. I would naturally wonder why someone would ask me to give them a word or act like a bird. Get it...TEXT me or TWEET me.
My most vivid early memories of Valentine's Day go way back to grade school, I'm sure many of you can relate. It's the earliest memories of picking out the cutest box of valentines cards that came in that utterly lame cellophane wrapped box that looked like some one cared enough to saran wrap it like a side dish. You must remember!! That thin box of sweet valentine notes and the little flimsy envelopes that you had to try to lick shut after you filled them with a few candy hearts. If that was enough to worry about, I can remember making sure I didn't have the same message twice on my little heart candies and had to make sure my candies did not construe any love to a BOY. YA wanna know why! You know why, boys were kinda gross and yet mysterious back then. Well, night before the big valentine card exchange always brought excitement, the next school day would be full of valentine card exchanging, lifting one another up, smiles, hugs and lots of candy eating. Our teachers got a lot of love too as they should. Our teachers set the tone and got our classrooms all decorated and had us come together all in the name of LOVE. I have several teachers who have impacted me over the years, so sending much, much love to all the teachers out there in the world and much, much love to everyone who took the time to read this very lame-0 message. LOVE you all....Hey Tweet Me....haha JOKING...

Live & Love,

We still have a couple weeks left with our BRING your Neighbor to Yoga Challenge.

Studio News
We are very excited to be welcoming some new instructors, healers, and guest speakers to our studio over the next several months.


New Classes
Starting in February we will be adding some classes to our Sunday schedule. We will have a 9:45AM Yoga Pop-Up class, the style and instructor of this class will vary week to week. We will also be adding a Reiki Restorative class for Sunday evenings at 6:30PM with Jen. Come out and unwind and prepare for your week ahead. You may also have noticed a name change, our Wednesday morning Yoga & Weights class is now Vinyasa & Tone. Same great class, new name, and now an additional time. We will still have the Wednesday morning class, and Heidi will be returning Monday evenings at 6:30PM to lead this energizing class.

We've also added another way for you to keep up with the growing calendar of events and workshops. We have now joined Meet-Up and would love to connect with you there!
Teacher Training
Congratulations to our most recent group of RYT graduates. We are so glad you're a part of our tribe and look forward to seeing the amazing things you will continue accomplish on your journey.
We are excited to be offering our Registered Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance 200-hour) twice this coming year. The first opportunity for this life-changing experience is coming up as a month-long intensive. The Summer-Intensive Session will take place from July 8-Aug. 8, 2019. Our Fall/Winter Session will run from Oct. 11, 2019 - Feb. 16, 2020. We are proud to partner with the Department of Defense to offer a limited number of partial scholarships for military spouses.
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We appreciate you!
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