New Hours, Survey Results and Update, Medicinal Mushrooms and Fertility & Acupuncture

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New Hours!
Just a reminder, our schedule has been updated! The New Year has inspired growth and change here at
Northampton Community Acupuncture.

As part of this transition,
we have updates to our schedule which began in January.

Our new schedule is as follows:

Mon- Rachel 2-7
Tues- closed 9-2 / Rachel 2-7
Wed- Rachel 9-2 / Katie 2-7
Thurs- Anne Louise 9-2 / Katie 2-7
Fri- Rachel 9-2 / Anne Louise 2-7
Sat- Anne Louise 9-2
Survey Results and Move Update

We have had a great response to the survey sent out last month, so thank you to everyone who has filled it out!

If you haven't had a chance yet, here's a link if you would still like to take the survey:

So, what have we learned so far?

Your Top Priority, with the clinic moving to a new space?
28.2% - free and close to the clinic parking
21.4% - first floor/elevator
18.3% - proximity to downtown Northampton
12.5% - no preference
And several of you voted for Sebastian the tree to be able to come! and several for avoiding downtown Northampton, as the top priority.

Interest in having occasional or regular private treatments as an option in a new space?
30.3% - Yes
32.9% - Maybe
18.3% - No

Interest in private sessions if we become a provider for health insurances who will cover acupuncture?
60.2% - Yes
24% - Maybe
7.3% - No

Your most convenient time for us to offer clinic hours?
34.5% - Weekday afternoon/evenings (2-7)
19.8% - No Preference
18.3% - Weekends

How far would you be willing to travel from your work/home to acupuncture appointments?
35.6% - 10 mile radius
22.5% - 5 mile radius
20.4% - 15 mile radius

What is your current mode of transportation to the clinic? (could choose more than one)
89.4% - car
18.4% - walk
8.4% - bike

Thanks again for your input, comments and ongoing support. As often happens when trying to make big changes while growing a small business, each step forward is often followed by a few steps to the side, and an occasional backwards one! We are actively doing the research, investigating possibilities, looking at numbers, and will keep you posted as we move forward.

Our commitment remains - to serve our community by creating a
welcoming, accessible, healing environment for You -
to Rest, Heal, and Renew your health, using the ancient, intuitive wisdom of acupuncture.

-Rachel, Katie & Anne Louise

Herbal Remedy of the Month
Medicinal Mushrooms
Katie Oleksak Lic.Ac.

My all time favorite remedy for immunity is medicinal mushrooms. Typically, I take them only during the Fall and Winter. They work as a preventative for boosting the immune system and protecting the body or 'host' to potential viruses and bacteria.

The most powerful mushrooms include: Turkey Tail, Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake. While it is wonderful to purchase these organically and use them in your cooking, it is most useful as an immune preventative to take on a daily basis for consistency and sustainability. Feel free to continue to add them in your cooking, they are delicious! I like to cook with them in soups, rice dishes, eggs, pretty much anything.
In supplement form, I would recommend Certified Organic and Non-GMO capsules or liquid, taken daily during times when your immune system is most vulnerable.
Fertility and Acupuncture
Anne Louise Smallen Lic.Ac.

According to Chinese medicine, the functions of reproduction and sexual health are controlled mostly by the kidney meridian. The quality and quantity of eggs and sperm are called kidney essence. Equally important to fertility are the implementation and carrying of fertilized eggs which are supported by qi, blood and a healthy uterus. So addressing all of these functions helps support fertility and sexual health. Genetic defects, working too hard and too long, too heavy menstrual bleeding, emotional imbalance, improper diet and the overuse of medicine (such as the use of contraceptives for long periods of time) can weaken the female reproductive system and some of the same patterns can weaken sperm quantity and quality, making a healthy pregnancy more difficult to achieve.

Acupuncture can help stabilize menstruation patterns: regularity, duration, length of bleeding, quality and quantity of blood, clots, pain and emotional upheaval surrounding menstruation. It can also help increase sperm count and vigor.

Acupuncture is often recommended to patients as an important support to IVF treatment. Before the IVF, acupuncture helps tonify the kidneys and nourish the blood. During IVF, acupuncture helps cool the heat and balance the liver by synchronizing the body and the uterus and balancing the hormones. After IVF, acupuncture helps embedding and developing the embryo, preventing miscarriages.

Acupuncture helps women to have a successful embryo transfer. Whether natural or supported by IVF, pregnancies and the health of the mother and the child benefit from regular acupuncture treatments throughout pregnancy, and especially during the first trimester.
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