Not only does Matt's Maker Space help provide space, but we also help provide supplies! Recently, we helped sponsor a class at Edgeworth Elementary with tinkering tools for their class.

Their teacher, Brandi Catley, let us know:
"The STEM building toys have been a great addition to our classroom. My students use them as they come into the classroom in the morning before we get started for the day. The brain flakes especially have been a huge hit. My students made a rainbow ball, an octopus, and a bouquet of flowers. They even made me a crown to wear around the classroom! I am so impressed with their creativity and the things they come up with to make each day. In the future, I hope to use the building toys during my language arts and math instruction for projects and deeper understanding. I am so appreciative of the donation!"

We're happy to help teachers in any of their needs!