A few years ago, as Cordele was pursing his studies, he was involved in a serious car accident and as a result, also experienced some challenges with his classes. "The car accident impacted me greatly positively and negatively. I lost time which is the most important thing ever because we do not get it back. It made me depressed and my grades suffered. I also gained knowledge. I improved mentally and learned more about myself. I am happy I was able to come out and still have a dream and the motivation to continue working to be great."

Cordele offers this advice: "For any student or young adult aspiring to be better or go further, keep going! Keep going after your goals, after your dreams, after your education, and after the life you want!"

In his free time, Cordele likes doing research and spending time on the other dreams that he has. He believes the sky is the limit and you can achieve any goal that you have if you keep working towards it. One of his goals is to work more with PGA so he can establish his own scholarship sometime in the future. "There is always room to give back," he says.

We wish Cordele the very best as he pursues his next college degree and his life's ambitions!