Ancient Tree
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
February 9,  2017

Kate DeWitt, Senior Planner

Ancient Tree is a 97-acre single family community located in the western portion of the City of Palm Beach Gardens.  The project received unanimous approval by the City Council in February.  The 97-unit custom home project is beautifully designed with curvilinear roads, larger lots, cul-de-sac streets, water views, security gates, and a state-of-the-art clubhouse. 

Ancient Tree is an alternative to the typical golf-course country-club community. Ancient Tree will have all the amenities and opportunities of a traditional country-club neighborhood without the elaborate annual dues.  The community is uniquely located adjacent to the City's Municipal 18-hole golf course which was designed by Roy Case.  Residents of Ancient Tree will have easy access to the neighboring golf course through a resident-only golf cart pathway.  The adjacent municipal golf course is currently undergoing a significant renovation that includes a brand new clubhouse facility.  Ancient Tree offers the benefits of a gated community, access to a highly successful golf course and an opportunity to build a custom home, all without the typical maintenance burden of maintaining their own golf course. 

Client: Sal Balsamo
Planner/Project Manager:  Cotleur & Hearing, Kathryn DeWitt
Landscape Architect: Cotleur & Hearing, Michelle Regan
Engineering: Simmons & White


Art in Public Places: C2H6 Molecule Sculpture
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
February 9,  2017

An artistic "gateway" piece, as part of the Alton project, has been approved to be located along the south side of Donald Ross Road in Palm Beach Gardens. The C2H6 Molecule Sculpture was designed by industrial designer and artist, Mark Fuller. T he project received unanimous approval by the Palm Beach Gardens City Council in February. The design intent behind the C2H6 Molecule Sculpture is to present the public with a visual cue to the scientific research and hi-tech communities that are at work along the Donald Ross Road corridor. This sculpture is a "ball and stick" representation of the Ethane molecule (C2H6); a compound composed of two carbon atoms (C2) and six hydrogen atoms (H6). This hydrocarbon is a primordial compound and is believed to have played a major role in the "big bang" formation of the universe. Today, Ethane is sometimes used as a freezing agent in the scientific study of various cells, and is also employed in the production of Ethanol.
Mr. Fuller chose to make this heroic-scaled expression of a very simple chemical compound for its dramatic effect on the audience. At an overall size of 21 feet tall and 22 feet long, the sculpture is quite sizeable. To be physically dwarfed by the microscopic element puts our sense of scale and perception of ourselves in to perspective. The creation of this role reversal could perhaps let us question our importance (or lack of) in the overall scheme of life. Mark Fuller is an environmental graphic and industrial designer, and has been participating in the Public Art forum since 1992. 
Client: Kolter Homes
Planner /Project Manager:  Cotleur & Hearing,  Kathryn DeWitt

Representation: Cotleur & Hearing, Nicole Plunkett

Landscape Architect:  Cotleur & Hearing,  Michelle Regan
Artist: Mark Fuller

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Employee Spotlight
Jupiter, FL
February 2017
Leah Heinzelmann,
Landscape Designer

Leah Heinzelmann attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and graduated in May of 2016 with a double major in landscape architecture and music performance. She is a Wisconsin native, who grew up in a suburb in Milwaukee and spent the past five-years living in Madison while completing her degrees.
After graduation, she traveled over 1,500 miles to begin her career as a landscape designer at Cotleur & Hearing in June of 2016. Leah works under the supervision of project manager, Daniel Sorrow and helps design site plans, landscape plans, and renderings in Port St. Lucie and Martin County. She is in the process of studying and taking the L.A.R.E. tests to become a licensed landscape architect. Leah is excited to continue learning and growing as a landscape designer and she is a great addition to the CH Team. 

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