HB19-1320 Hospital Community Benefit Accountability requires certain hospitals to convene a public meeting at least once each year to seek feedback regarding the hospital's community benefit activities and report back to the Department on community benefits, costs, and shortfalls from the preceding year.

The Department has submitted the summary report to the General Assembly and would like to thank the reporting hospitals for working with us as we collected all the data for the Hospital Community Benefit Accountability (HCBA) Report. The report is on the HCBA webpage under "reports." We would also like to remind reporting hospitals to post their individual HCBA report to their public website.

Our next steps will be to review and update the Program Guidance document as well as the Frequently Asked Questions webpage. We will also be reviewing the reporting timeline and making a decision soon regarding the due date for 2022.

The Department would also like to announce that we are working with Myers and Stauffer to create an online reporting tool that will make it easier to submit your data to us and streamline the process. We will send out more information as we get closer to completion of this tool.

Please contact either myself or Cynthia Miley by email with any questions.

Nancy Dolson
Special Financing Division Director