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AS ONE: Fibre, Ground, Thread and Stitch Revisited

26/27/28 April


'It is always challenging to 'sell' a new course to students based on the images of samples that I will use to introduce fresh techniques to you.

'As One" is not just a course on felted paper grounds, making your own thread and stitching to create integral surfaces....... it is also about taking risks to create opportunities.

We all need that creative time and open mindedness to explore new ways of making work.

Head space without pre conceptions can be fundamental in increasing our own boundaries and making our own work even more personal.

Links with the past, associations with the present and thoughts about future direction are essential to individual development.

Come and join me on this course to see where it takes you. Moor Hall is a beautiful venue and during the course it will be there to inspire visually as well as make creative space in your head........and serendipity is essential to our practice!'

As this title suggests Amanda will be revisiting techniques from her past and delivering them as a complete workshop with stitch. Using linen/flax and silk fibre you will make felted paper grounds, spin thread if you want and integrate into some stitched pieces. Handmade papers will also support this work.

This will be a ‘playful’ workshop combining different neutral surfaces together and sharing Amanda's love of hand stitch. She will encourage you to inlay, darn, reinforce, make fragile, couch and embed your stitching into your grounds with the inspiration coming from all the textures and shapes of Moor Hall. I hope you will be able to join us.

I still have spaces on this courses.

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