Father's Message
June 1, 2020 • Message #3153
What is Ignite Purpose?
Ignite Purpose is a (soon to be non-profit) ministry that I am creating that equips the next generation with power, purpose and a plan to live passionate, engaged, and meaningful lives; successfully balancing deep family relationships, rewarding jobs, with a sense of direction that compels them to change the world around them and touch those they influence with the love of Jesus Christ.  Ignite Purpose programs include both personal and business growth programs that millennials need to make Biblically-driven decisions that will lead to a passionate, engaged, balanced and meaningful life.  

I have applied for non-profit (501c3) status and am waiting for approval from the IRS. At that point, I will be creating a website and focus on promoting the ministry for a wider influence for God's Kingdom. I'd love to talk to anyone interested in being part of Ignite Purpose as there is always a place for people to serve, be served and give! Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Check out the videos below that include other devotionals and small group videos that are being developed and implemented now!

Thanks for your support!

Here is a video of session ONE of Ignite Purpose's Identity in Christ Men's Study: