Less Money, Mo’ Problems
Fat Meat is Greasy: Surviving an Economic Downturn
Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins
Genesis 41:15-36

Weekly Prayer
God, forgive us for the ways that our theology has limited our understandings of Who You Are. You are not a one-eyed God, but You are all-seeing and knowing and You understand what lies beneath the surface of every issue. We’ve also misrepresented You, and as a result we’ve believed a theology that promotes prosperity at the expense of the poor and the powerless. We are living in times when we stand in need of the truth of Your salvation and love. We are so busy trying to make a way for our own selfish desires, that we lose sight of You and the invitation to serve others.

Forgive us for when we’ve arrogantly assumed that we could do anything apart from You. Help us to lean into Your strength alone, so that You can usher us into wholeness. Align the desires of our hearts with Yours and show us how to be faithful stewards as we prepare for lean economic times. You never promised that we’d be rich, but You promised to supply all of our needs. Show us how to live within our means and store up resources so that we can serve our collective needs. Thank You God, that in good times, and in bad times, You are still God, and You are always faithful and loving towards us.

In the name of Jesus, we pray, amen. 

Growth Moment
Genesis 41:15-36

Scriptural Questions:
What does it say? What does it mean? Why does it matter?

But God still sits high and looks low and cannot be blind sighted by the ills of this nation and its leaders. We have misrepresented God by being concerned about the interpretation of laws and principles and not the circumstances of our brothers and sisters. 

Key Points:
1. We are to focus on God and not the current situation of this nation.
“I cannot do it,” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires.” Joseph immediately shifts the focus to God by implying the answers to the dreams were not found in him.  

2. Think us and not I.
Historically, our survival is rooted in the coming together of people in hard times, like that of 7 skinny cow times. For instance: Women’s Suffrage, Civil and LGBTQ Rights, and the Holocaust are paramount examples of what can happen when we collectively work together to care for each other.

3. Bring a special offering to the Storehouse.
Historically the church has been known as the storehouse, where people would come to seek the help they need. Today, SEUCC is actively engaged in the fight against hunger, social justice, support in higher education, and benevolence. 

Questions and Discussion:
  • How has this sermon caused you to focus on the peace of God rather than the current circumstances surrounding our nation?
  • Why is it dangerous to have a me, myself, and I mentally? How has the coming together of people contributed to significant change for others?
  • What do you think God is calling believers to do and think during these unprecedented times?
  • How would you share this sermon with someone who has not accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior?