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Facilitate the consistent

flow of products

recirculating conveyor is a piece of machinery that helps move products down a manufacturing line. It optimizes the production process by helping to move products quickly and without error — avoiding backups, redirections, and shutdowns.

Recirculating conveyors create space for a product to accumulate, and controls the flow to the next process in the manufacturing line.

Learn about Recirculating Conveyors

Case Study: Dual Grippers

Increase Productivity

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Faster machine tending

with dual gripper retrofit

Gear-maker Osvald Jensen updated its collaborative CNC machine-tending application with an OnRobot RG2 dual gripper with dramatic results.


By handling two parts in a single robot action, the gripper reduced the 27-second cycle time to just 15 seconds—a 44% reduction. The consistent and precise operation of the gripper also delivered parts closer to ideal tolerance.

Read the Case Study

Spindle Axis

Actuators ELGT-BS

Festo ELGT-BS.png

Designed for 2D and 3D

cantilever systems

The new ELGT-BS from Festo is a compact and low-cost ball screw actuator or spindle axis that features an integrated double guide for 2D and 3D cantilever systems. The high load carrying capacity and rigidity provided by the integrated double guide and extremely sturdy connectors make the ELGT ideal for high payloads and strokes of up to 1400mm.

  • Great resilience and rigidity due to double-acting guide
  • Compact design
  • With ball screw drive
  • Simple integration of motors with mounting kits

Learn more about ELGT-BS Actuators


Vision Sensors

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5 Megapixel for

greater details

VISOR V50 5 megapixel vision sensor offers an image resolution that is three times greater than the standard sensors.


These cost-effective sensors achieve an image quality that was previously only available with expensive, complex vision systems, expanding user-friendly application possibilities.


VISOR V50’s high resolutions means the tiniest details can be identified at a long range, while multiple component characteristics or several individual components can be detected simultaneously, possibly replacing the need for multiple vision sensors.

Learn more about V50 Vision System


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Optex-FA Sensors Brochure

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