This time of year mites can build up in a hurry, robbing your nut crop of critical nutrients and moisture. Cinnerate miticide provides immediate mite control of all life stages including eggs. Mites will stop feeding in as little as 2 hours and be killed in as little as 24 hours. Best of all Cinnerate can be up to and during harvest so it won't disrupt your harvest schedule and is proven safe on all crops.
Cinnerate is the best choice for managing mites close to harvest when worker re-entry and pre-harvest intervals are a concern.   

High Potency for Fast Knockdown
Cinnerate is a fast-acting knock down miticide, that goes to work immediately to stop feeding,
mmobilize and kill mites. Mite activity stops within 1-2 hours, with control as high as 98% within 24 hours, applying 25 ounces / 100 gallons.

Effective on All Mites - Safe on Predator Mites
Cinnerate is effective on all plant mites including: Pacific spider mite: Tetranychus pacificus, Twospotted spider mite: Tetranychus urticae , Strawberry spider mite: Tetranychus turkestani.
Growers employing a predatory mite program can be confident that Cinnerate is a selective miticide, and will not harm these important predators.

Low Dose Easy to Use Formulation
Cinnerate is a clear liquid formulation which provides a high level of mite control with low applications rates (13-30oz/ 100 gallons). It leaves no visible residue, is non-staining and has an excellent crop safety record.
Tank Mix with Slow Acting Miticide
Many residual miticides or IGR miticides can take 7-10 days to control adult mites. Tank mixing a low rate of Cinnerate (15- 20) will provide 85-90% immediate mite knock down to stop the yield drag of continued mite feeding.
Multiple Modes of Action
Cinnerate provides multiple modes of action towards mites. Resulting in effective control of all mite life stages including eggs and reduces concerns for the development of resistance.
Beneficial Predator Safety
Cinnerate is very safe towards beneficial predators, including predator mites which can provide strong base control post-harvest mite control.  When compared to other organic miticides Cinnerate is the softest towards predator mites.

Key Advantages
  • Immediate results
  • No visible residue
  • Flexible application - can be use up to and during harvest
  • Multiple modes of action / Resistance management 
  • Synergist tank mix partner fungicides / miticides
  • Safe on beneficial predators
  • 0 hour REI
  • 0 Day PHI
  • Exempt from food tolerance - No MRLs
  • NOP Organic / OMRI listed
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Always read and follow label directions before using this product.    

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