Greetings, Neighbors!
We hope your 2023 is off to a great start. The following newsletter includes important dates and reminders as well as a 2022 recap and 2023 board of directors elections. We look forward to seeing everyone as the weather warms up!

A few notes and reminders:
  • HOA dues were due on February 28, 2023. If you haven’t already, please mail a check, with your lot number in the notes field, for $255 to:
  Farmington Square Homeowners Association 
  P.O. Box 466
  Farmington, MI 48332-0466
  • Easter Egg Hunt and visit with the Easter Bunny
  • Will take place Saturday, April 1st at 3PM in the commons by the playscape. Kids and grandkids are welcome! Please RSVP to Holly by March 30th with the number of kids who will attend and their ages.
  • Snow removal
  • Snow must be removed in front of mailboxes to ensure mail delivery. If the carrier cannot get to your box, mail will not be delivered.
  • Removing snow around fire hydrants greatly assists the Fire Department. It is important that fire hydrants be visible and accessible at all times 
  • If you have a drain in the street in front of your home, please keep drain clear. It will help eliminate ice buildup in the street.
  • The Grounds board position remains open. It’s critical to our 2023 planned projects for the commons and other areas that this position be filled. It can be a shared position between two or three people. If you are interested, please contact Sandi Soens at 
  • Yard waste removal from the city will resume on April 3rd
  • We would like to give a special thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the various clean up events, donated plants, materials, weeded and helped water the new plants in 2022. With all of their help we removed over 36 yards of brush, tree limbs, leaves and debris, spread 22 yards of topsoil, 21 bags of mulch, and planted hundreds of seeds, bulbs, ground cover and shrubs. We would like to recognize the following residents for all their help: Paul Misch, Terry Shelton, Natalie Lowenfield, Paul Oleszkowicz, Bruce Pierce, Peter and Natalie Nuccitelli, Jeff Aschoff, Tim Luxon, James and Colleen Giovanni, Mara Mazzoni and Calvin, Rob and Laurie Goldi, Eric Rose, Matt Krieger, Holly Syriaque, Heather Pope, Cheryl, Scout Troop 179, and Sandi Soens

Recap of Annual HOA Meeting

We had a lot of great things happening in 2022. Thank you to all of the homeowners that came out to help with various commons updates and activities!

2022 Accomplishments

  • Grass Cutting and edging 
  • Fertilizing and weed control on exterior and interior commons 
  • Playground Maintenance 
  • Tree trimming 
  • Built up bank to prevent overflow 
  • Collected plant donations 
  • Extensive planting in commons 
  • Added topsoil 
  • Spread mulch 
  • Trimming of shrubs and weeding 
  • Irrigation system repairs 
  • Seasonal Décor Additions 
  • Awarded City of Farmington Hills Beautification Award – 11 years 
  • Sand/Salt barrels at the entrances 
  • Social Activities: Friday night socials, food trucks, movie nights, Easter egg hunt, bike parade, and fall social 
  • Center Commons Ravine and Shadowglen Bike Path: cleared brush, leaves and debris; level mounds of dirt; dug channels to drain trapped water; volunteers removed 12.5 yards of debris; and Meadowbrook 13.5 yards. 
  • Early Summer Cleanup: focused on the bank at Shadowglen bike path; spread 22 yard of topsoil; built up the bank to prevent overflow’ preparation for plants; removed 50+ bags of limbs, sticks, and leaves; weeding and watering; trimmed birch trees; repaired cracked culvert; and realigned the rocks around culvert 
  • Summer Project: continue adding more plants; weeding and watering plants and trees; prune new evergreens off Halstead; added topsoil and mulch to evergreens; add rocks to prevent soil from washing away; and daily watering thru the summer 
  • Fall Cleanup Along Halstead: trimmed trees and evergreens; removed weed trees; cleared brush underneath trees; picked up sticks and leaves; dug up rocks and lined the drainage ditch; edged the bike path; and removed 30+ bags of yard waste and bundle branches 
  • Commons drainage
  • Removed debris 
  • Dug out the base 
  • Dug two feeder trenches 
  • Added rocks to help with drainage and erosion 
  • Planned 2023 Projects
  • Commons Projects 
  • Repairs to Fox Creek Culvert 
  • Address Wet Area on Path 
  • Plant Grass Seed 
  • Bike Path Seal Coating 
  • Treatment of Diseased Trees 
  • Tree Trimming/Removal 
  • Additional Trees, Shrubs, or Grasses plantings 
  • Add Trash Guard 
  • Street Repairs – coordination with city 

Other Annual Meeting Notes
  • 2023 Annual Dues Increasing 5% from $243 to $255/year due to increase of costs. This is our fourth increase since 2014. 
  • 2023 Elections
  • Communications: Mara Mazzoni (2-year term) 
  • Social: Holly Syriaque (2-year term) 
  • Restriction: Lela Golusin (2-year term) 
  • Secretary: Matt Grimes (2-year term) 
  • Grounds: Open (2-year term) 
  • Welcoming: Francesca Tuzzolino (2-year term) 
  • All candidates were unanimously approved. Grounds remain an OPEN position. 

Upcoming Events
  • April 1: Easter egg hunt
  • May 5: Fortune Cooking food truck
  • May 19: Slows BARBQ food truck and Friday night social in the commons

The full summer food truck schedule can be found here:

Board Responsibilities
The board works to maintain the beauty of the neighborhood and maximize home values for the benefit of everyone in the subdivision. Responsibilities include collecting and managing association dues, maintaining commons areas, making capital improvements to shared assets and common properties, and enforcing covenants and bylaws.

If you or someone you know in our beautiful subdivision is interested in getting involved, please let us know!

Pet Waste and Leashes
Please keep our neighborhood clean by picking up after your pets. We appreciate everyone respecting the property of your neighbors by cleaning your your pet's waste.
Also, while walking your pet through the neighborhood, a leash must be used, for everyone's safety.
Yard Maintenance
To maintain curb appeal and comply with neighborhood and City ordinances, please remember to keep grass cut to 6 inches or less, trim bushes and shrubs, and remove weeds from flower beds and from between driveway and sidewalk cracks.
If you do not keep up on your landscaping responsibilities, you may receive a letter from the HOA. Further action with the city may result if action is not taken.

Social Media
We're on Facebook and we want you to follow us! There are up-to-date posts to keep you in the know, make sure you're receiving the most current information! Send a link to your neighbors so they know as well - much appreciated!
Similarly, if you know people who are not receiving this newsletter, please let them know they can sign up through our website, listed at the top of the newsletter! Simply forward them this email!

Friendly Reminders for the Upcoming Summer Months
Home Improvements and FSHOA Approval
It is always great to see all the wonderful home improvements throughout our neighborhood!  Please remember that our FSHOA has bylaws and covenants that were established to help maintain the beauty of our neighborhood and maximize home values for the benefit of everyone in the subdivision. One of the Board’s roles is to enforce these bylaws and we are grateful to you for your assistance.

Before beginning any outside projects, please review the bylaws and covenants at and contact the board for approval. This helps us maintain consistency throughout the subdivision and eliminates controversial situations. Questions and requests to make changes to the outside of your home or property should be emailed to We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Landscaping Parameters
As you plant trees and shrubbery, please plant within your property lines and allow space for growth and maintenance between your neighbors and the City easement. For your safety, Michigan law requires that all utility lines be flagged before beginning an excavation project. Residents are encouraged to contact Miss Dig, a company that offers free services to fulfill your legal requirement and avoid costly fines.

Contractor's List
Do you need help finding a contractor? There is a neighbor recommended (and not recommended) contractor list on the website at Please help us keep this list up to date by sending names and contact information of qualified contractors that you recommend (or don’t recommend) to our address.

Speed Limit – 25 MPH
For the safety and courtesy of your neighbors and children, please do not drive faster than 25 mph in our subdivision and be especially careful around curves. Thank you!

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated