Why You Should Feast More This Summer..

Plus: Good News From the Ninth Circuit..

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Dear Friends of Riley's Farm:

Why feast more this summer? Because, if you have been reading me for any length of time, you know that a well planned occasion, with good live music, great food, and the conversation and laughter of friends is something like a restaurant, and a restaurant is something like a feast, and a feast is something like heaven. (I don't believe I'm going out on any shaky doctrinal limb here.)

That being said.. We are rebuilding our party page, and we believe we have a budget for everyone, (including discounts on our regular menu). You should be able to plan everything from a Wednesday afternoon child's birthday party to a reception for the crown prince of Horsdoeuvristan. (I'm told he likes appetizers.)

Seriously Though... The farm NEEDS summer business, and Oak Glen June & July evenings are magic, so this is win-win, right? Let us make it easy for you. Start planning!

The First Amendment Fight: Mary and I drove to Pasadena yesterday, (one of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal's many homes), and we witnessed three presidentially appointed judges asking very encouraging questions about our case. You can read my response and watch the court video here. I asked my friends for prayer, and I believe it worked, but keep praying: I don't want my grandchildren to live in an America stripped of free speech. I probably don't need to remind you, but there are truly EVIL lawyers out there, anxious to use the law to punish anyone in their way. We need to say, collectively, "not on our watch!" Don't be afraid to put fear in the enemy.

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See you soon!  

James Riley

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