August 16, 2021 Volume 11 Number 8
It Requires Special Leadership Skills to Manage a Worldwide Organization

Farida D’Silva Dias, current Chair of the William Glasser International Board, is a gifted administrator with program development experience in multicultural settings. Farida was the third of five children of Iranian parents who migrated to Mumbai, India in 1945. Her early education was conducted in English at a British boarding schools, and her initial University degrees were in Business Management. In 1965, she met her husband while touring in Goa for the Mumbai State Hockey team. So Goa, the former Portuguese Colony in India, became the permanent home for her family.
 But, when economic pressures required some creative thinking, Farida found new ways to utilize her education by learning Arabic and working in Kuwait. From 1977 until the Iraq-Kuwait War in 1989, Farida worked in the Policies and Procedures Department of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.
 Still in Kuwait in 1991, Farida was offered an opportunity as a consultant in the Social Development Office (SDO), a psychological institution. After two years there, she took a position as Administrative Consultant for Dr. Basheer Al-Rashidi. Dr. Basheer had already completed his BIT before the Iraq war, and he was keen on qualifying SDO counsellors in multiple psychotherapeutic approaches. He also set up a Centre for Reality Therapy within the SDO Counselling Department, and Farida says it was there her romance with Choice Theory and Reality Therapy really began.
 Her CTRT journey involved a lot of travel beginning in 1994, and continued until she was endorsed as a Basic Instructor in Kuwait in 2002. Over this period, she attended seven International Conferences, where she had the opportunity to meet Dr. Glasser. In addition, she did her Masters in clinical psychology through the Suffolk University of Boston, USA and her Ph.D. through the St. Xavier’s University in Mumbai. (Continued below)
Our Path to the Future of CTRT
by Carleen Glassesr

William Glasser, M.D. was born on May 11,1925. This August 23rd will mark the 8th Anniversary of his death. In his memory we celebrate his life with sincere gratitude for the gifts his ideas continue to give the world. He will be remembered for developing Reality Therapy and Choice Theory, two extremely important and timely ideas that continue to be taught and used around the world.
He had a third, important idea that he developed and described in the very last published work he wrote. It was, as it turned out to be, his final message. He had the vision of creating a Choice Theory World. He describes how to do this in a small booklet called, Defining Mental Health as a Public Health Issue, A New Leadership Role for the Helping and Teaching Professions, that you can download for free with this link.
In it he says, “I believe that what we are dealing with is a huge public health problem, or to be more specific, a huge public mental health problem. The challenge we face is how to teach people whether individually or in small groups, how to improve their own mental health and to do so without being labeled with a mental illness they do not have, or treated with brain drugs they do not need.” (Page 3)
He proposed that Education is the Core of the Public Mental Health Model. (Page 15) If we are teaching Choice Theory to as many people as we can, we are honoring Dr. Glasser’s memory by helping him fulfill his profound vision for the well-being of mankind. We are also reaping personal benefits from his teaching, by constant practice bringing Choice Theory to the world.
The Glasser Australia Conference is re- scheduled for 2022 at Mantra Twin Towns, Gold Coast, Queensland.
The health and safety of our members and delegates remains our priority. Due to the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic, we have postponed our conference until 29th September – 1st October 2022 at the Mantra Twin Towns, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
2021 delegates have the choice of holding over their registration to attend the2022 conference or claiming a full refund. Please email with any questions.

(Continued from above) Dr. Glasser always encouraged establishment of Glasser Institute Groups wherever he went in the world, and fully supported the formation of the International Organization. Returning to Goa in 2004, Farida registered an NGO and organised the Centre for Reality Therapy India (CRTI), which became a Member Organisation of WGI. 
Since then, a full program of Glasser Institute instruction has been ongoing in India. So far there have been participants from the Indian states of Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Pondicherry, Madras, Bangalore, Rajasthan and Haryana. CRTI’s vision is for each Indian State to become a regional centre, represented by Faculty, and teaching CTRT.
Farida is also very excited about a new CTRT education program she is leading at the Udaipur University. Two groups, one of twelve and one of fourteen Masters level students, have completed the BIT; and several of the students wish to use Choice Theory in their Master’s thesis work. Farida is very excited about the growth these students represent.
Farida joined the International Board in January 2019, and in January 2021 became the new Board Chairperson. Since the beginning of her tenure, she has led the new organizational response to growth. Enfranchisement of the Member Organizations (MO) has been under consideration since 2016, and was finally implemented in January of 2021. All MOs were requested to hold a democratic election to choose their board representative, who would then attend monthly Board Meetings and be a member of a working committee. 
As of now, every country that is a Glasser MO can have a representative on the International Board.  At the introductory level, new organizations are given participant-observers status. As their organization grows and matures, the MO progresses to Stages 2 and 3 status, and entitlement to vote on Board matters. 
Using her amazing administrative expertise, Farida has already made a difference in the operation of the International Board. We look forward to future growth under her excellent leadership!

Glasser Scholar Mark Britzman, Ed.D. has recently released a new book entitled Pursuing the Good Life
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