Save on Power & Lead Time With This PC
American quality meets German engineering with this new compact IPC / industrial personal computer IMP-3713 from Impact Components. Measuring only 230 x 219 x 90 mm and weighing 3.679 kg / 8.11 pounds, the computer is covered with anodized aluminum and IP50 certified for dust protection. The dustproof feature is highly desirable for the industrial automation market. Afterall, no fans and no moving parts means: no bringing in dusty air inside the computer from the production floor. Available in silver or black color, optional custom logo (silk print or laser), rated for wide temperature (-10 to 50°C operating, -25C to +70C storage).
Save on Lead Time
Impact based its PC design of IMP-3713 on a mini-ITX motherboard series D3713 (see SBC details below). Designed and manufactured in Germany by Kontron, the motherboards feature built-in AMD Ryzen CPUs, which offer performance comparable to Intel processors. While the industry is experiencing shortages by Intel CPUs, Kontron is able to stock thousands of AMD CPUs in Germany now for immediate deployment in order to fabricate SBCs / computer motherboards with short lead times.
Save Money on Electricity
Deploy a few such fanless computers to save money on electricity with low power consumption. Performance-per-watt is lower than mini PCs running even on the latest 11th gen Intel platform. For example, idling on desktop, IMP3713-V2 running on AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B CPU consumes between 11W and 13W - just half compared to Intel NUC11PAQi7.
(Click for comparison with Intel)
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SBC Features
-up to 32GB RAM
-4 Display Ports
-2x Serial ATA III 600
-Mini-PCI Express®
-M.2 Keys B & M
-2 LANs
-up to 9 USBs
-1x RS232/422/485
-3x RS232 (2x by header)
-8 Bit GPIO
-HD Audio
Choose From These Motherboard / CPU Models

D3713-V2 with AMD V1605B (Quad-Core 2.0/3.6 GHz)
D3713-V4 with AMD V1807B (Quad-Core 3.35/3.8 GHz)
D3713-R1 with AMD R1102G (Dual-Core 1.2/2.6 GHz)
D3713-R2 with AMD R1305G (Dual-Core 1.5/2.8 GHz)
D3713-R4 with AMD R1606G (Dual-Core 2.6/3.5 GHz)