Dear Readers,

A very happy Tuesday to you. We know you're not used to hearing from us mid-week but life got in the way a bit with the public school break and rather than letting more time pass before saying hello, we hope you won't mind a slight shift in schedule.

Events are top of mind this week. Our dance card is once again filled with an exciting cast of characters each releasing books into the world in the first quarter of 2021. Among those we can announce, a former high profile CEO, the brilliant duo behind one of the nation's hottest restaurants (think Chef's Table level), and oh my, what's that breaking news? Harlan Coben *and* John Grisham in conversation? Yup.

So grab your calendar, scroll down past all the fabulous new releases, popping one or two in your cart as you go, and get ready for a month filled with meaningful conversations.

Don't forget you can always find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We'll be back with a Friday Five next week.

Be well.