Family UPDATE February:

The Farm Sports Performance Center


2660 Vickers Dr. between Academy Blvd. & Union Blvd.

To enter our part of the facility check the video below:

**Lunar New Year's Potluck is

RESCHEDULED till next weekend (Feb 17th)

Same time & location

Due to snow storm today**

This is our 2nd Annual.... great for all family members, learning Asian Culture during a most special time beginning a new year.

Please join us for a memorable moment in time.

Upstairs behind the Bar & Grill.

$10.00 per family a something to share.

DuMyon currently has eight different classes with our adaptive athletes. This day (February 18th) we will be able to bring them all together for a class setting, to include pictures & videos.

DuMyon 2023 T-shirts on SALE

Children sizes, Adult medium and 2XL left

$5.00 while the last....

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"Positive energy to you & yours"

DuMyon Martial Arts President

GM Sterling Chase,Sr.

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